Michelle Cottier

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Michelle Cottier (* 1973) is a Swiss legal scholar .


Michelle Cottier studied law at the Universities of Basel and Lausanne and legal sociology at the International Institute for Legal Sociology in Oñati , Spain. She received her doctorate in 2005 from the University of Basel and then taught at the Humboldt University in Berlin and at the Universities of Basel, Zurich and Lucerne . Her research projects have taken her to Harvard University in the USA and as a visiting researcher at the Universities of Keele , Cardiff and Kent in Great Britain. Michelle Cottier was an assistant professor at the University of Basel and a judge at the appellate court of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Since September 1, 2015, she has been a full professor at the University of Geneva .

Her main research interests are personal and family law, child law, legal sociology and the gender perspective in law.

Together with Ingeborg Schwenzer and Andrea Büchler, Cottier is the editor of the magazine " Die Praxis des Familienrechts ".

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