Mildenberger Verlag

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Mildenberger Verlag GmbH
legal form GmbH
founding 1948
Seat Offenburg
management Frank Mildenberger
Number of employees 50 (as of 2018)
Branch School book publisher

The Mildenberger Verlag is a publisher of textbooks , mainly for general education schools. The program of the publisher, founded in 1948, comprises more than 1,600 individual titles. The technical focus is on primary schools.

In addition to materials for traditional primary school subjects, the program also includes, for example, the fields of English, French, pedagogy and computers. Target groups are schools, teachers, parents and educators.

Company portrait

The focus of all publications is motivational learning for elementary school students. In addition to the classic medium of books, learning software on CD-ROM or on the Internet (including apps) is also part of the publishing program.

In addition to textbooks for lessons in schools, the program includes workbooks and learning software for learning at home, internet platforms as well as manuals, worksheets for differentiation, demonstration aids and other materials for lesson preparation and design. The topics German as a second language (DaZ), German as a foreign language (DaF), local history and specialist knowledge as well as the prevention of reading and spelling disorders (LRS) are also dealt with.

Company history

After the end of the Second World War in 1945, General Schmittlein , head of the Education publique of the French occupying powers in Germany, founded the Lehrmittel-Verlag Offenburg-Mainz.

In 1948 the partners Aengeneyndt, Erwin Burda , Franz Burda and Werner Schmeil took over the publishing house. At that time, Lehrmittel-Verlag Offenburg covered the entire needs of the French occupation zone for teaching and learning materials. Karl Mildenberger, who heads the publishing house as authorized signatory, acquired all shares in the company in 1953 and subsequently the publishing house changed its name to Karl Mildenberger Verlag GmbH. In 1967 his son Dieter († 2013) took over the business. Frank Mildenberger, the grandson of the company founder, has been the sole shareholder and managing director since the beginning of 2009.


  • Comenius Medal for the integrated learning environment of the mathematics course "Mathetiger"
  • 2006 Giga-Maus for the best educational software in German: "Hexe Trixi"

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