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Coordinates: 42 ° 34 ′ 30 ″  N , 41 ° 40 ′ 40 ″  E

Historical region of Mingrelia

Mingrelia or Megrelia ( Georgian სამეგრელო / Samegrelo, Mingrelian სამარგალო / Samargalo), formerly also called Odischi , is a landscape in western Georgia , bordering Abkhazia on the Black Sea .

The Megrelen (Kolcher) are a sub-ethnic group of Georgians and speak their own language, which is closely related to Georgian and Svaneti . From the 16th to the 19th century Mingrelia was an independent principality , which was annexed by Russia in 1857 and incorporated into the Kutaisi governorate . Today it forms, together with the northern part of Svaneti, the political administrative unit of Mingrelia and Upper Svanetia of Georgia.

Princes of Mingrelia

  • Vardan I. Dadiani (legendary)
  • Vardan II. Dadiani 1184 - approx. 1213
  • Serghil Dadiani 1213 - approx. 1250
  • Vardan III. Dadiani approx. 1250 – approx. 1260
  • Tsotne Dadiani approx. 1260 – approx. 1300
  • Giorgi I. Dadiani approx. 1300-1323
  • Mamia I. Dadiani-Gurieli 1323-1345
  • Giorgi II. Dadiani-Gurieli 1345-1384
  • Vamek I. Dadiani 1384-1396
  • Mamia II. Dadiani 1396-1414
  • Liparit I. Dadiani 1414-1470
  • Samsan ed-Daula Dadiani 1470-1474
  • Vamek II. Dadiani 1474-1482
  • Liparit II. Dadiani 1482-1512
  • Mamia III. Dadiani 1512-1532
  • Levan I. Dadiani 1532-1546
  • Giorgi III. Dadiani 1546-1574
  • Mamia IV. Dadiani 1574
  • Giorgi III. Dadiani (2nd time) 1574-1582
  • Mamia IV. Dadiani (2nd time) 1582-1590
  • Mamuka I. Dadiani 1590-1611
  • Levan II. Dadiani 1611-1657
  • Liparit III. Dadiani 1657-1658
  • Vamek III. Dadiani 1658-1661
  • Levan III. Dadiani 1661-1681
  • Levan IV. Dadiani 1681-1691
  • Giorgi IV. Txikovani 1691-1715
  • Katsia I. Dadiani 1704-1710
  • Bejan Dadiani 1715-1728
  • Otia Dadiani 1728-1744
  • Katsia II. Dadiani 1744-1788
  • Grigol Dadiani 1788-1791
  • Mamuka II. Dadiani 1791-1793
  • Tariel Dadiani 1793-1794
  • Grigol Dadiani (2nd time) 1794-1802
  • Tariel Dadiani (2nd time) 1802
  • Grigol Dadiani (3rd time) 1802-1804
  • Levan V. Dadiani 1804-1840
  • David Dadiani 1840-1853
  • Nicolau Dadiani 1853-1867

According to Meyers

Mingrelia (Mingreul, "Land of a Thousand Sources"), formerly an independent principality in the Caucasus, on the Black Sea, between Abkhazia (in the north) and the Rion River (in the south), later belonged to Persia , fell to Russia in 1804 and has formed since 1867 a part of the Russian-Caucasian governorate Kutais (the districts Sugdid and Senak) with a total of 4,625 km² (84 square meters) and (1873) 175,438 inhabitants.

The country is mountainous (in the innermost part even high mountains), in the south it is boggy. The fertility of the soil at high temperatures and humid air guarantees an extraordinary wealth of vegetation. Main products are: grain, corn, cotton, tobacco, wine, oil, millet, wood, silk, honey, horses.

M. is the colchis of the ancients , then formed part of Georgia and was defeated at Imerethi when this country was partitioned (1241). The kings of Georgia had the country administered by governors, one of whom, Dadian, made himself independent and became the progenitor of the subsequent princes of M. The former Tsar von M. carried the title "Prince of the Black Sea". His residence was Isgaur or Iskuriah (the old Dioskurias) on the Black Sea, which is also the main trading center of the country. Cf. de Rad: traveling in the Mingrelian high mountains ; Tbilisi 1866; Erckert: The Caucasus and its peoples ; Leipzig 1887

Well-known Mingrelians

  • Andria Dadiani (georg. ანდრია დადიანი), Prince of Mingrelia and chess player
  • Lavrenti Beria (georg. ლავრენტი ბერია), head of the security services of the USSR under Stalin
  • Konstantine Gamsachurdia (georg. კონსტანტინე გამსახურდია), one of the most important Georgian writers of modern times, father of Sviad Gamsachurdia (georg. ზვიად გამსახურდია), the first president of Georgia after independence in 1991
  • Murtas Churzilawa , former football player from the Soviet Union


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