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Different jeans with visible labels

In the textile industry , a fashion label (or label [ 'lɛibəl ] for short ) is the independently managed department of a fashion or textile company that sells its clothing under a certain brand name . German generic terms are clothing brands or fashion brands . Often a label is associated with a particular fashion design that is different from the design of other manufacturers.


Originally, the term referred to label a label ( English label ) attached to the sold goods was installed, identified the manufacturer and described other properties of the product. This has become an abstract term for the brand itself. On jeans and similar products, the quilted or glued-on labels are considered fashionable decorations. In addition, company emblems visibly sewn onto items of clothing should emphasize the high quality or the high price of the product and thus serve as a status symbol for the wearer . The aim is to stand out from the crowd or, as in the example of Coop Naturaline , to show that you are ecologically committed.


German fashion labels have a comparatively difficult time at the trade fairs that take place in France. Exceptions are Talbot Runhof and the Allude label, which specializes in cashmere . 


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