Monks demo tapes 1965

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Monks demo tapes 1965
Studio album by The Monks



Label (s) Play loud! Productions , Munster Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Beat music / garage rock / protopunk / krautrock

Title (number)


running time

38: 42m

occupation Gary Burger, Dave Day, Larry Clark, Roger Johnston, Eddie Shaw


Walther Niemann and Karl-H. Remy

Studio (s)

Recording studio Bauer Ludwigsburg

Monks Demo Tapes is a collection of songs by The Monks that was officially released in 2007 and recorded in 1965.

Importance of the album

Before the Monks received a recording contract for their album Black Monk Time (1966), the ten sample pieces published here were recorded in September 1965 in Ludwigsburg in a single day. They were not intended for publication, but were intended to introduce the group as a demo recording in order to enable a contract with a record company. Of Philips and Ariola were The Monks refused, but by the Polydor adopted at the end 1965th Their producer Jimmy Bowien, known for his collaboration with Franz-Josef Degenhardt , saw the band of the day after tomorrow in the quintet.

In addition to these recordings, the album also contains some recordings from April 1965 by the previous band The Five Torquays, which played with the same cast, and a remix from 2006. A bootleg version published in 1999 under the title Five Upstart Americans contains the tracks in a different order . In the retrospective, the Monks' early recordings appear as a blueprint for their first and only album. The demo tapes served the two documentary filmmakers Dietmar Post and Lucía Palacios as the basis for their film monks - the transatlantic feedback . With the help of these early recordings, the film artists were able to trace the exact creative process of the band from the first attempts to the final sound image of the band.


According to the Record Collector , the release is “an absolutely historic release. The year zero has to be rewound to 1965. ”Jacek Slaski writes in the Berlin Tip magazine:“ The Monks were rough diamonds, and these recordings show which mine they came from. ” The Wire magazine says:“ As an introduction to the › great psychotic beat of the Monks ‹these recordings are absolutely essential."

Track list

First release 2007 CD / LP

page A
  1. monk time (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  2. love came tumblin 'down (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  3. boys are boys (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  4. space age (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  5. we do wie du (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  6. i hate you (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
Side B
  1. pretty suzanne (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  2. higgle-dy-piggle-dy (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  3. hushie pushie (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  4. oh-how to do now (The Monks) (Sept. 1965)
  5. there she walks (The Five Torquays) (April 1965)
  6. boys are boys (The Five Torquays) (April 1965)
  7. monk hop (Jason Forrest) (Re-mix 2006 for silver monk time - a tribute to the monks)

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