Montes Taurus

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Montes Taurus
Mare Serenitatis.jpg
Montes Taurus is located in the east of the Mare Serenitatis
Montes Taurus (moon equatorial region)
Montes Taurus
position 27.06 °  N , 40.26 °  O coordinates: 27 ° 3 '36 "  N , 40 ° 15' 36"  O
diameter 166 km
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Rock from the Montes Taurus in the Natural History Museum Vienna

The Montes Taurus are a rugged mountain range on the Earth's moon .

The mountains lie on a high plateau in the east of the Mare Serenitatis at the selenographic coordinates 27 ° N and 40 ° E. The mountains have a diameter of around 170 km; some peaks reach heights of 3,000 m.

A number of craters are embedded in the mountains . In the southwest of the mountain is the Römer crater , in the northeast Newcomb .

This is where Luna 21 and Apollo 17 landed .

The German astronomer Johannes Hevelius gave the mountain its name after the Taurus Mountains in southern Turkey .

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