Moritz von Stürler

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Moritz von Stürler, lithograph by Hubert Meyer (around 1850).

Moritz von Stürler (born April 3, 1807 in Bern , † May 25, 1882 in Bern; resident in Bern) was a Swiss historian and state clerk .

Moritz von Stürler was born as the son of Johann Rudolf von Stürler and Maria Elisabeth von Sinner. He attended schools in Hofwil and studied at the Bern Academy. From 1827 he worked as a trainee in the State Chancellery. In 1832 he became secretary of the political department, in 1837 second council clerk, in 1840 first council clerk and finally in 1850 state clerk and state archivist. The state archive was particularly important to him. From 1834 he was captain of the snipers.

His estate is in the Bern Burger Library .


  • 1879: Dr. hc from the University of Bern



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