Mother (Pink Floyd song)

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Pink Floyd
publication November 30, 1979
length 5:32
Genre (s) Rock music , progressive rock , progressive folk
text Roger Waters
music Roger Waters , David Gilmour
album The Wall

Mother is a song by British rock band Pink Floyd from the 1979 concept album The Wall . It was composed by Roger Waters .


Like all other songs from The Wall , Mother tells part of the story of the protagonist Pink , who erects an imaginary wall to protect him from emotional influences.

In this song Pink describes his mother, who tries to protect him from the world and is therefore primarily responsible for building the wall. After Pink's father was killed in World War II, she also wants him to stay with her after he grows up, most of all she doesn't want him to fall in love.


For the most part, Mother only consists of an acoustic guitar, which is only supplemented by other instruments towards the end of the song.

The verses are sung from the perspective of Pink by Waters, the refrain from the perspective of Gilmour's mother.

Mother contains various changes in time, from 4/4 to 5/4 and back in pinks, from 4/4 to 6/8 and back in mother's parts.


A new version was recorded for the film, only Gilmour's guitar solo is unchanged. The line “ It is just a waste of time ” has been replaced by “ Mother, am I really dying ”.

The film shows Pink lying in bed as a child with a fever after caring for a sick rat. Some of the scenes are also shown again in Comfortably Numb .




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