Mouth Music

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Mouth Music
General information
origin Edinburgh , Scotland
Genre (s) World music , folk
founding 1990
Founding members
Martin Swan
Talitha MacKenzie (until 1991)
Current occupation
Vocals, violin, synthesizers,
percussion, bass
Martin Swan
Singing, whistling
Martin Furey
Kaela Rowan
Percussion, tabla , djembé
James MacKintosh
former members
Flute , bagpipes , violin
Martyn Bennett (1990-1995)
Jackie Joyce (1992-1995)
Quee MacArthur (1992-1995)
Background singing
Michaela Rowan (1992–1995)
Jeremy Black (1992-1995)
Alison Crawford (2003)

Mouth Music is a British musical group from Edinburgh . The band name corresponds to the English name for Puirt a beul , the classic Gaelic chant .

Mouth Music very often uses traditional Gaelic chants, which are rearranged and combined with elements from jazz , pop , ambient and world music . In addition to the arrangements, the albums also contain original compositions by the band leader Martin Swan.


Mouth Music was founded in Edinburgh around 1990 by Talitha MacKenzie ( vocals ) and Martin Swan (vocals, violin , synthesizer ). In 1991 - with the help of Martyn Bennett - the first album was released with the title Mouth Music , which immediately conquered the top spot on the Billboard Top World Music Albums chart .

After Talitha MacKenzie left the band for a solo career, Martin Swan recorded the EP Blue Door Green Sea with Mairie MacInnes and a few other musicians in 1992 . In the same year the band was re-founded as a quintet, and their 1993 album Mo-Di made it to number two on the Billboard Top World Music Albums chart .

After these three works, in which mainly traditional Gaelic chant pieces were arranged with African rhythms and electronic sounds, the band reoriented. In 1995 the heavily pop- influenced album Shorelife was released .

Six years later - after another restructuring and musical reorientation - the album Seafaring Man was released .

With the CD The Scrape (2003), the band then defined themselves as a pure instrumental band committed to the classic Irish and Scottish instruments.

Her last work to date, The Order of Things , borrows from jazz and was released in 2005.


  • 1991: Mouth Music (album)
  • 1992: Blue Door Green Sea (EP)
  • 1993: Mon-Tue (album)
  • 1995: Shorelife (album)
  • 2001: Seafaring Man (album)
  • 2003: The Scrape (album)
  • 2005: The Order of Things (album)

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