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Names of Muthis
for  Manetho

Muthis, Mutis

Muthis ( Greek also Mutis ) was the second ancient Egyptian pharaoh (king) of the 29th dynasty , who as the son of Nepherites I probably around 393–392 BC. Ruled. There are also presumptions that during the year 393 B.C. BC is said to have been in power at the same time as the usurper Psammuthis , until the accession of Hakor ended the battles for the succession to the throne.

There are no known titulatures or contemporary evidence such as monuments to his reign. Manetho set a year-long reign for Muthis. In the demotic chronicle Muthis is listed without naming as " son of Nepherites I " and the predecessor of Psammuthis :

“The second ruler who appeared after the Medes: Since he (Nepherites I) did what he did conscientiously, his son was allowed to follow ... The third ruler who came after the Medes (Persians), the was given, that is: since he disobeyed the law, he was replaced during his lifetime. "

- Demotic Chronicle.

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Nepherites I. Pharaoh of Egypt
393–392 BC Chr.