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The Handbuch der Orientalistik or Handbook of Oriental Studies is an important international book series on oriental studies that has been published by Brill publishing house in Leiden since 1952 . Bertold Spuler (1911–1990) was one of its first publishers. The series is divided into various sections, volumes and sections (The Near and Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Art and Archeology, Central Asia) and in 2007 comprised over 250 volumes. Due to its layout and its long history of editing, the overall layout of the plant is difficult to survey.


Sect. 1: The Near and Middle East

Dept., Vol., Sect. Book title Author / editor of the volume year theme
I.1.1 Egyptian script and language Hermann Kees 1959 Egyptian
I.1,2 literature Hellmut Brunner 1952 Ancient Egyptian literature
I.2.1 / 2.1 The Sumerian Adam Falkenstein 1959 Sumerian
I.2.1 / 2.2 Ancient Minor Asian languages Johannes Friedrich 1969 Asia Minor
I.2,3 History of the ancient Near East Hartmut Schmökel 1957 Middle East
I.2,4 Oriental history from Cyrus to Mohammed Geo Widengren , Fritz Moritz Heichelheim , Albert Dietrich 1966
I.3,1-3 Semitic studies Bertold Spuler 1953-54
I.4,1-2 Iranian Studies Bertold Spuler 1958 Iranian Studies
I.4,3 Tocharian Wolfgang Krause 1955 Tocharian
I.5.1 Turkology Annemarie von Gabain 1963 Turkology
I.5,2 Mongolian Studies Nikolaus Poppe 1964 Mongolian Studies
I.5,3 Tungusology Walter Fuchs 1968 Tungusology
I.5,5 History of Central Asia Karl Jettmar 1966 Central Asia
I.6.1 The Chalife period: emergence and collapse of the Islamic world empire Bertold Spuler 1952
I.6,2 The Mongol period Bertold Spuler 1948
I.Erg.-Bd. 6.1 Medicine in Islam Manfred Ullmann 1970
I.Erg.-Bd. 7th A historical chart of the Muslim world Ibrahim Gomaa 1972 (Wall map)
I.7 Armenian and Caucasian languages Gerhard Deeters 1963
I.8,1, serial 2, H.2a, Vol.3 Zoroastrianism under Macedonian and Roman rule Mary Boyce , Franz Grenet 1991 Zoroastrianism
I.8,2 Religious history of the Orient in the time of the world religions 1961
I.Erg.-Bd. 8th Ottoman bibliography with a special focus on Turkey in Europe Hans-Jürgen Kornrumpf 1973 Ottoman Empire
I. Result 9 A history of the Druzes Quays M. Firro 1992 Druze
I.13.1 Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 1: Writings of Eastern Sudanic Africa to c. 1900 JO Hunwick & RS O'Fahey (eds.) 1993
I.13,2 Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 2: Writings of Central Sudanic Africa JO Hunwick & RS O'Fahey (eds.) 1995
I.13,3A Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 3A: The writings of the Muslim peoples of Northeastern Africa Rex S. O'Fahey 2003 Northeast Africa
I.13.4 Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 4: Writings of Western Sudanic Africa JO Hunwick 2003
I.14,1 / 2 Pictorial atlas on sports in ancient Egypt. Corpus of figurative sources on physical exercise, play, hunting, dance and related topics Wolfgang Decker , Michael Herb 1994 Sports
I.15 History of the Hittite Religion Volkert Haas 1994 Hittites
I.18 Hamito-Semitic etymological dictionary: materials for a reconstruction Vladimir E. Orel, Olga V. Stolbova 1995 Afro-Asian languages
I.20 La civilization phénicienne et punique: manuel de recherche Véronique Krings 1995
I.21,1 / 2 Dictionary of North-West Semitic Inscriptions Jacob Hoftijzer; Karel Jongeling 1995 Northwest Semitic Languages
I.25.1-4 Canaanite in the Amarna Tablets Anson F. Rainey 1996
I.26 The Empire of the Mahdi: The Rise of the Fatimids Heinz Halm 1996 Mahdi , Fatimids
I.28 A Grammar of the Ugaritic Language Daniel Sivan 1997
I.29 A Dictionary of Andalusi Arabic Federico Corriente 1997
I.30.3 Corpus inscriptionum Arabicarum Palaestinae (CIAP): D-F Moshe Sharon 2004
I.31 The Kingdom of Kush. Handbook of the Napatan-Meroitic civilization László Török 1997 Kingdom of Kush , Meroe
I.33,1-3 Onomasticon of the Hittite Pantheon Ben HL van Gessel 1998/1998/2001
I.34 History of the Hittite Empire Horst Klengel 1999 Hittites
I.38.1-3 Systematic bibliography of Hittitology Vladimír Souček 1996
I.39 Handbook of Ugaritic Studies Wilfred GE Watson 1999
I.42 The Old Syriac inscriptions of Edessa and Osrhoene. Texts, translations and commentary Han JW Drijvers , John F. Healey 1999 Old Syriac , Edessa , Osrhoene
I.44 Astral Sciences in Mesopotamia Hermann Hunger, David Pingree 1999
I.48.1-3 Etymological Dictionary of Egyptian. Gábor Takács 1999/2001/2008 Ancient Egyptian , Phonology
I. 50 1/2 A Dictionary of Samaritan Aramaic Avraham Tal 2000 Samaritan Aramaic
I.51.1 / 2 Dialect, Culture, and Society in Eastern Arabia 1: Glossary / 2: Ethnographic Texts Clive Holes 2001/2005
I.54 A Phoenician-Punic grammar Charles R. Krahmalkov 2001 Phoenician-Punic language
I.57,5.2 The Judaism of Qumran: a systemic reading of the Dead Sea scrolls; Vol. 2. World view, comparing Judaisms Alan J. Avery-Peck 2001 Qumran , Dead Sea Scrolls
I.58 The Arabic manuscript tradition: a glossary of technical terms and bibliography Adam Gacek 2001
I.60 Narrative illustration in Persian lithographed books Ulrich Marzolph 2001
I.61 A comparative lexical study of Qurʾānic Arabic Martin R. Zammit 2002 Koran
I.62 Christian architecture in Egypt Peter Grossmann 2002 Christian architecture
I.63 Classical Arabic philology and poetry: a bibliographical handbook of important editions from 1960 to 2000 Reinhard Weipert 2002
I.64 A history of the animal world in the ancient Near East Billie Jean Collins 2002
I.66 Studies in the Aramaic legal papyri from Elephantine Yochanan Muffs 2003 Elephantine papyri
I.67.1 / 2 A Dictionary of the Ugaritic Language in the Alphabetic Tradition Gregorio del Olmo Lete , Joaquín Sanmartín 2003 Ugaritic
I.68 The Luwians H. Craig Melchert 2003 Luwier
I.69 The ocean of the soul: man, the world and God in the stories of Farīd al-Dīn A̓ṭṭār Hellmut Ritter 2003 The sea of ​​the soul , Fariduddin Attar
I.70 A comparative glossary of Cypriot Maronite Arabic: (Arabic - English); with an introductory essay Alexander Borg 2004 Cypriot Arabic , Kormakiti , Maronites
I.71 Sumerian Grammar Dietz Otto Edzard 2003 Sumerian language
I.74 Hattic vocabulary in Hittite text tradition Oğuz Soysal 2004 Hattisch
I.75 Iraq: a bibliographical guide C. Heather Bleaney , Geoffrey J. Roper 2004 Iraq
I.78 Arabic Dialect Geography: An Introduction Peter Behnstedt ; Manfred Woidich 2005
I.79 The law of agriculture in the Mishnah and the Tosefta: translation, commentary, theology Jacob Neusner 2005 Mišnā ; Zeraʿīm , Tosefta
I.80 General maps of Persia: 1477-1925 Cyrus Alai 2005
I.81 Nomadic societies in the Middle East and North Africa: entering the 21st century Dawn Chatty 2006
I.82 Enigmatic charms: medieval Arabic block printed amulets in American and European libraries and museums Karl R. Schaefer 2006
I.83 Ancient Egyptian Chronology Erik Hornung , Rolf Krauss , David A. Warburton 2006 Dating methods, absolute chronology
I.86 The Carian Language Ignacio J. Adiego 2007 Carian language
I.88 Historical Muscat: an illustrated guide and gazetteer John Everett Peterson 2007 Muscat
I.89 Bibliography of Islamic philosophy Hans Daiber 2007 Islamic philosophy
I.92 Classic Ships of Islam - From Mesopotamia to the Indian Ocean Dionisius A. Agius 2008 Maritime History
I.93 Divine Epithets in the Ugaritic Alphabetic Texts Aicha Rahmouni 2008
I.97 Dictionary of Arabic and Allied Loanwords: Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician and Kindred Dialects Federico Corriente 2008
I.101 A Grammar of the Bedouin Dialects of Central and Southern Sinai Rudolf Erik de Jong 2011
I.102 A Descriptive and Comparative Grammar of Andalusi Arabic Maria Isabel Fierro 2013
I.103 Ibn Ḥazm of Cordoba: The Life and Works of a Controversial Thinker Camilla Adang 2013 Islamic philosophy
I.111 A Cultural History of Aramaic: From the Beginnings to the Advent of Islam Holger Gzella 2014
I.127 Philosophy in Qajar Iran Reza Pourjavady 2018

Sect. 2: India

Dept., Vol., Sect. Book title Author / editor of the volume year theme
II.1.1 Old Indian Jan Gonda 1971 Old Indian
II.3.1 History of Indian law: (Dharmaśāstra) J. Duncan M. Derrett 1973 Dharmaśāstra
II.3,2 The state in Indian tradition Hartmut Scharfe 1989
II. Result 3 Religious beliefs and practices of North India during the early Mediaeval period Vibhuti Bhushan Mishra 1973
II.4,3 Islam in the Indian subcontinent Annemarie Schimmel 1980 India
II.9 Lexicon of Tamil literature Kamil V. Zvelebil 1995 Tamil
II.10 Languages ​​of the Himalayas George van Driem 2001 Himalaya Languages
II.11 Sarvāstivāda Buddhist scholasticism Charles Willemen , Bart Dessein , Collett Cox 1998 Sarvastivada
II.12 The Sanskrit epics John Brockington 1998 Mahabharata , Ramayana
II.14 An annotated bibliography of the Alaṃkāraśāstra Timothy C. Cahill 2001 Alamkarasastra
II.16 Education in ancient India Hartmut Scharfe 2002 Education
II.17 The Buddhist architecture of Gandhāra Kurt Allen Behrendt 2004 Gandhara
II.18.1 The end of the Golden Age Walter M. Spink 2005 Ajanta
II.18.2 Arguments about Ajanta Walter M. Spink 2006 Ajanta
II.18.5 Cave by cave Walter M. Spink 2007 Ajanta
II.19 Greater Magadha Johannes Bronkhorst 2007 Magadha
II.20 Indian Islamic Architecture John Burton-Page †. Edited by George Michell 2007 Islamic architecture

Sect. 3: South-East Asia

Dept., Vol. Book title Author / editor of the volume year theme
III.2, section 2 The old Indonesian religions Waldemar Stöhr 1976
III.6 Music Mantle Hood , José Maceda 1972
III.8 Historical atlas of South-East Asia Jan M. Pluvier 1995
III.11 The folk-tales of Burma: an introduction Gerry Abbott , Khin Thant Han 2000
III.12 Cambodian architecture: eighth to thirteenth centuries Jacques Dumarçay , Pascal Royère 2001
III.13 The Malay Peninsula: crossroads of the maritime silk road (100 BC - 1300 AD) Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h 2002
III.14 The art and architecture of Thailand: from prehistoric times through the thirteenth century Hiram Woodward 2003
III.15 Construction techniques in South and Southeast Asia: a history Jacques Dumarçay 2005
III.16 Southeast Asian warfare, 1300-1900 Michael W. Charney 2004
III.17 Old Muslim calendars of Southeast Asia Ian Proudfoot 2006
III.18 Social dynamics in the highlands of Southeast Asia: reconsidering "Political systems of Highland Burma" by ER Leach François Robinne 2007

Sect. 4: China

Dept., Vol., Sect. Book title Author / editor of the volume year theme
IV.2.1 Chinese poetry: history, structure, theory Günther Debon 1989
IV.4.1 The ancient Chinese religion and state cults Werner Eichhorn 1976
IV.6 Chinese legal history Oskar Weggel 1980
IV.10 China bibliography: a research guide to reference works about China past and present Harriet T. Zurndorfer 1995
IV.11 Chinese popular prints John Lust 1996
IV.12.1 Early Buddhist art of China and Central Asia. Vol. 1: Later Han, three kingdoms and Western Chin in China and Bactria to Shan-shan in Central Asia Marylin M. Rhie 2007 Later Han Dynasty , Three Kingdoms , Western Jin Dynasty , Bactria , Shanshan
IV.13 Education in traditional China. A history Thomas HC Lee 2000
IV.14 Daoism handbook Livia Kohn 2000 Daoism
IV.15.1 Handbook of Christianity in China: 635–1800 Nicolas Standaert 2001
IV.16 A biographical dictionary of the Qin, former Han and Xin periods: (221 BC - AD 24) Michael Loewe 2000 Qin Dynasty , Earlier Han Dynasty , Xin Dynasty
IV.17 The men who governed Han China: companion to "A biographical dictionary of the Qin, former Han and Xin periods" Michael Loewe 2004 Qin Dynasty , Earlier Han Dynasty , Xin Dynasty
IV.18 Diplomacy and trade in the Chinese world: 589-1276 Hans Bielenstein 2005
IV.19 A biographical dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms (23–220 AD) Rafe de Crespigny 2007 Later Han Dynasty , Three Kingdoms

Sect. 5: Japan

Dept., Vol. Book title Author / editor of the volume year theme
V.1,2 Language and writing of Japan Bruno Lewin 1989
V.2.1 The Japanese theater: from shamanistic ritual to contemporary pluralism Benito Ortolani 1990 Japanese theater
V.3,3 Economic and technical history of Japan Klaus Müller 1988
V.3,5 Medical history of Japan Erhard Rosner 1989
V.4 The Native Religion of Japan (In Two Parts) Nelly Naumann 1988/1994
V.5 Japanese philosophy after 1868 Junko Hamada 1994
V.7 The book in Japan: a cultural history from the beginnings to the nineteenth century Peter Kornicki 1998
V.8 Shinto and the conception of the Japanese national system (kokutai): The religious traditionalism in modern times and modern Japan Klaus Antoni 1998
V.9 Modern Japanese society Josef Kreiner 2004
V.10 Handbook of Christianity in Japan Mark R. Mullins 2003
V.11 Pre-industrial Korea and Japan in environmental perspective Conrad Totman 2004
V.12 History of law in Japan since 1868 Wilhelm Röhl 2005
V.13 A history of nationalism in modern Japan: placing the people Kevin M. Doak 2007

Sect. 7: Art and Archeology

Dept., Vol. Book title Author / editor of the volume year theme
VII.1,2, B, 1 Wheeled Vehicles and Ridden Animals in the Ancient Near East MA Littauer / J. Crouwel 1979
VII.1,2, B, 7 Near Eastern jewelry from the beginnings to the time of the Achaemenids (approx. 10000–330 BC) Brigitte Musche 1992 Achaemenids
VII.1,2, B, 5 Near Eastern jewelry at the time of the Arsacids and the Sasanids Brigitte Musche 1988 Arsacids , Sasanids
VII.3.1 Archeology in Soviet Central Asia Grégoire Frumkin 1970
VII.3,2 Archeology and Art History of Sino-Central Asia (Xinjiang) Marianne Yaldız 1987

Sect. 8: Central Asia

Dept., Vol. Book title Author / editor of the volume year theme
VIII.1 The Uralic languages: description, history and foreign influences Denis Sinor 1988 Ural languages
VIII.2 The art of the Scythians: the interpenetration of cultures at the edge of the Hellenic world Esther Jacobson 1995 Scythians
VIII.3 A grammar of old Turkic Marcel Erdal 2004 Old Turkish language
VIII.4 The king's dictionary: the Rasûlid Hexaglot: fourteenth century vocabularies in Arabic, Persian, Turkic, Greek, Armenian, and Mongol Peter B. Golden 2000 Rasulids
VIII.5 Sources on the Alans: a critical compilation Agustí Alemany 2000 Alans
VIII.6 Warfare in Inner Asian history (500–1800) Nicola Di Cosmo 2002
VIII.7 Manchu grammar Liliya M. Gorelova 2002 Manchurian language
VIII.8.1 Etymological dictionary of the Altaic languages ​​[AK] Sergei A. Starostin 2003 Altaic languages
VIII.8.2 Etymological dictionary of the Altaic languages ​​[LZ] Sergei A. Starostin 2003
VIII.8.3 Etymological dictionary of the Altaic languages ​​[Indices] Sergei A. Starostin 2003
VIII.9 An historical atlas of Central Asia Yuri Bregel 2003 Central Asia
VIII.10 Sogdian traders: a history Étienne de La Vaissière 2005 Sogdier
VIII.11 A Tajik Persian reference grammar John R. Perry 2005 Tajik , Persian
VIII.12 Old Georgian-German dictionary Zurab Sardzhveladze 2005 Old Georgian language
VIII.13 Afghanistan: a bibliography Heather Bleaney 2006 Afghanistan
VIII.14 Art and archeology of Afghanistan: its fall and survival; a multi-disciplinary approach Juliette van Krieken-Pieters 2006 Afghanistan
VIII.15 A historical-etymological dictionary of pre-Russian habitation names of the Crimea Henryk Jankowski (Turkologist) Henryk Jankowski 2006 Crimea
VIII.16 The spread of Buddhism Ann Heirman , Stephen Peter Bumbacher 2007 Buddhism
VIII.17 The world of the Khazars: new perspectives: selected papers from the Jerusalem 1999 International Khazar Colloquium hosted by the Ben Zvi Institute Peter B. Golden, Denis Sinor 2007 Khazars
VIII.18 Kartwelisches etymological dictionary Heinz Ensign 2007 South Caucasian languages
VIII.19 The Kitan language and script Daniel Kane 2009 Kitan
VIII.20 Introduction to Altaic Philology: Turkic, Mongolian, Manchu Igor de Rachewiltz, Volker Rybatzki 2010 Altaic languages
VIII.21 History of Georgia Heinz Ensign 2010 History of Georgia
VIII.22 The Georgian language Heinz Ensign 2012 Georgian language
VIII.23.1 Armenian philology in the modern era: from manuscript to digital text Valentina Calzolari 2014

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