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Gerhard Deeters (born August 8, 1892 in Lemburg near Wenden , Livonia Governorate ; † February 19, 1961 in Bonn ) was a German linguist .


Gerhard Deeters attended the Livonian Knight High School in Birkenruh (Lat. Bērzaines ģimnāzija ) and after graduating from 1911 to 1912 did his military service, from which he resigned as a reserve lieutenant. He then studied philosophy at the University of Leipzig . After the outbreak of the First World War he was interned as a Russian citizen and only released after the separate peace in 1918. From 1918 to 1920 Deeters fought in the Baltic State Armed Forces and in the Latvian Army against the Soviet armed forces.

Deeters resumed his studies in 1922. He studied comparative linguistics at the universities of Jena and Munich . His main focus was the Caucasian languages . In 1927 he married Dr. Edith Dörschel. In the same year he was employed as an assistant at the University of Leipzig and completed his habilitation there in 1929 in comparative linguistics.

From 1928 to 1935 Deeters worked (part-time until 1932) as a scientific editor at Brockhaus-Verlag . In 1935 he was appointed full professor for comparative linguistics at the University of Bonn . He worked there until his retirement in 1960.

In addition to the Caucasian languages, Deeters also studied Greek and Hittite .


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