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southwestern Asia Minor (now Turkey )
speaker (extinct)
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ISO 639-3


The Kara was the language of the ancient people of the Carian and was on the southwestern Asia Minor Aegean coast in Caria spoken. It was an Anatolian language , and therefore also an Indo-European language . It is closest to Lycian , which borders the south-east, and in particular the Lycian poetic language (Lycian B or Milyisch), while it differs greatly from Lydian, which borders the north . The Carian language is in more than 200 inscriptions from the period between 750 and 250 BC. Chr. Handed down. Older inscriptions have been found in Egypt and Nubia ( Abu Simbel , Memphis, etc.), where Karer mercenaries were in the service of the Pharaoh ; they date from the 7th and 6th centuries. The more recent inscriptions come from Caria itself.


Karish was written in a local script, the Karian script, which looked similar to the western Greek alphabet and was composed of a total of 45 individual characters.

For a long time, the deciphering of the Carian script was hampered by the fact that many characters look like Greek but have a completely different sound value. It was not until 1975 that Thomas W. Kowalski succeeded in correctly determining a number of phonetic values ​​based on the name equations in Egyptian-Carian inscriptions. This approach was then taken up, corrected and further developed by John D. Ray , Ignacio-Javier Adiego and Diether Schürr. In 1996 a longer Carian inscription with a parallel version in Greek ( bilingual ) was found in ancient Kaunos , which allowed many of the readings to be confirmed.

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