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The Nöse ( Danish Næsodde ) is a peninsula that forms the eastern part of the island of Sylt . Noesse is also the name for the eastern tip of Sylt. The name "Noess" comes from the Frisian and means headland. Its area roughly reflects the dimensions of the former municipality of Sylt-Ost . The villages Archsum , Keitum and Morsum with their many scattered districts are located on it. The Nosse is dominated by agriculture. The southern part of the peninsula is dominated by the Nössedeich . The Mittelmarsch, also located in the southern part, is crossed by tides . In the northern part runs the railway line that connects Sylt with the mainland via the Hindenburgdamm . The train stations of Morsum, Keitum and Westerland are located on it.


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Coordinates: 54 ° 52 ′ 36.2 ″  N , 8 ° 29 ′ 17.6 ″  E