NBA All-Star Weekend

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) holds an All-Star Weekend every year in February . Several basketball events take place during All-Star Weekend and the All-Star Game on Sunday evening . The games of the regular NBA season are suspended at this time, which is why one speaks of the All-Star-Break (Eng. "All-Star Interruption").

The all-star game

The All-Star Game, which takes place on Sundays, is the main event of the weekend.

All-Star Weekend events

On the Friday and Saturday before the All-Star Game, which is played on Sunday, the following competitions and events will also take place:

From 1984 to 1993 there was also an NBA Legends game, which was canceled due to many injuries and has now been largely replaced by the Shooting Stars competition. The latest event is the D-League All-Star Game, which premiered in 2007.

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