NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest

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The Slam Dunk Contest of the American professional basketball league NBA is a competition in which selected players perform as spectacular artistic dunks as possible , i.e. basket throws in which players jump the basketball through the basket from above. They are evaluated by five judges. Each judge may rate 6–10 points per dunk, i. This means that a dunker gets between 30 and 50 points per round. At the end of the competition, the points won are added up. The dunker with the most points wins and receives a trophy.

The competition was introduced in 1984 as part of the NBA All-Star Games in Denver and has been held annually on the NBA All-Star Weekend ever since. In 1998 and 1999 the contest was not held because the willingness of the players to participate had decreased. However, the NBA followed the public's request and reintroduced the contest in 2000.

Nate Robinson , who is only 1.75 m tall, is the first NBA player to win the Slam Dunk Contest three times (2006, 2009, 2010).

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