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Nadav Zelner (* 1992 ) is an Israeli dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance.

Zelner initially danced with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and graduated with honors from the Thelma Yellin School of the Arts . He has choreographed several musicals, including international productions such as Zorro in China, Chicago at the Beit Zvi dance school in Ramat Gan , Cinderella and Peter Pan . He has appeared internationally as a dancer in productions with Adi Salant in Italy and Helena Chridolido in Cyprus. He danced as a master dancer with the Ensembles Eyal Golan and Dana International’s .

He made a name for himself through dancing mini-dramas and original, fast-paced clips. Finally, Eric Gauthier became aware of Nadev Zelner. In 2017 he took over two pieces from Zelner: Chopsticks and Alte Zachen . Specially adapted to Stuttgart , the latter became the teaser of the international COLORS Dance Festival 2017 . The African-inspired short choreography Bloom was performed at the COLORS festival as the third piece by Zelner .

Encouraged by the success with the Stuttgart audience, Gauthier commissioned Zelner's first full-length choreography, Bullshit . It was performed by Gauthier's company Gauthier Dance in the Theaterhaus Stuttgart from February 2018 to June 2018 . First it was performed in the small hall, then because of the great demand in the large hall. The critic Andrea Kachelrieß emphasized that behind the superficial pleasure in fast-paced jokes, behind the inclined pink- red stage equipment and the pink- red unisex costumes of the dancers, irritations quickly set in. The piece aims to criticize the superficial lifestyle, which takes chic clothes and cars "and all that crap" so seriously - hence the title bullshit :

"You can now discover a rogue behind the pink 'bullshit' glasses, whose supposed naivety quickly turns out to be a pleasure in irritation."

- Andrea Kachelrieß

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