Natural light

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In photography and painting, natural light is any light that does not come from artificial light sources (incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, flash lamps, etc.). Primarily, this includes sunlight . But also the moonlight and the light of the stars are natural light.

The properties of natural light vary depending on the time of day, altitude, geographical latitude, time of year, cloud cover, haze, fog and other atmospheric conditions. This affects the color (see color temperature ) and the " hardness " of the light.

In photography, direct sunlight produces harsh, high-contrast images with bright highlights and dark shadows. With a cloudy sky, low-contrast images are possible that allow you to concentrate solely on the color effect.

The natural light can also be scattered by impurities in the air or haze and fog and thus impair visibility. However, this can also result in a gentle image or, when the light is backlit, make shadow drawings possible.