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Statue of Diskophoros, copy after Naukydes, Paris, Louvre Ma 89

Naukydes was a Greek sculptor from Argos who worked in the late 5th / early 4th century BC. Lived.

Naukydes came from a family of sculptors, his father Patrokles and his brothers Daidalos and Periklytos were active in this field.

Naukydes created a gold and ivory statue of Hebe for the Temple of Hera in Argos, an ore image of Hecate , a Hermes , several statues of victory, the portrait of the poet Erinna , a ram sacrificing Phrixos (on the Acropolis of Athens) and a discus bearer (Diskophoros).

Several Roman marble replicas of the Diskophoros have been preserved, for example in the Vatican , the Louvre in Paris and the Liebieghaus in Frankfurt .

Naukydes was a pupil or grandchild of the older Polyklet . He himself was a brother or teacher of the early 4th century BC. Chr. Acting Polyklet II. , Possibly with the same architect to be identified. Perhaps he was also the teacher of the advanced 4th century BC. Known Polyklet III.


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