Nessie (Hansa Park)

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Location Hansa-Park
( Sierksdorf , Schleswig-Holstein , Germany )
Type Steel - seated
Drive type Chain lift hill
Manufacturer Schwarzkopf GmbH
Designer Werner Stengel
costs 5 million DM
opening April 24, 1980
length 741 m
height 26 m
Max. speed 85 km / h ~ 90 km / h
Travel time 2:10 min
capacity 1700 people per hour
Trains 3 trains, 7 cars / train, 2 rows of seats / car, 2 seats / row of seats
elements Looping
Inversions 1
Subject area Enchanting Britain
Theming Eilean Donan Castle

Nessie is a steel roller coaster made by Schwarzkopf GmbH in Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf . In 1980 it was the first stationary roller coaster in Germany with a vertical loop and the largest loop roller coaster in Europe. In terms of type, the 18-meter-high looping with a box profile construction corresponds to those that have already been used in the manufacturer's transportable Looping Star roller coasters, but the rest of the route was designed individually.


After the station, the chain lift takes the train to a height of 26 meters. Before the train descends the straight first drop , which is followed by the looping, a slightly sloping 180 ° curve is made. After the inversion, the train drives up to a wide 225 ° curve, at the end of which there is a block brake . This is followed by a descent with a hill, after which the train descends in a 560 ° helix . Once at ground level, the train enters a tunnel and is braked. The train then returns to the station in the tunnel through two 90 ° left-hand curves.

At the beginning of the 2019 season, the previously un-themed station was replaced by a replica of the Eilean Donan Castle as part of the creation of the new "Enchanting Britain" themed area . At the same time, the rails were painted dark. The trains were also given a new paint job.

Nessie owns three trains with seven cars each for four people in two rows with two passengers each. Today, however, only a maximum of two trains are used at the same time. Lap bars serve as a restraint system, which is rather unusual nowadays on roller coasters with inversions.

A special feature is the proximity of the Royal Scotsman family roller coaster, the track of which runs through the loop of the track.


  • With the roller coaster "Aconcagua" in the Argentine park Parque de la Ciudad , a sister facility of Nessie existed from 1982 to 2015 - but without looping.


  • In July 1981 there was a rear-end collision, with a train in the brake tunnel of the facility colliding with another stationary train. There were 16 injured. Technical failure was identified as the cause. The safety brake was able to delay the fully occupied train considerably, but not brake it completely; one of the five cams that were supposed to trigger the brake was defective. In addition, a thin layer of smear had formed on the inside of the brake pads. After repair work, the ride went back into operation five days later, but initially only in single-train operation due to work that was not yet fully completed.


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Coordinates: 54 ° 4 ′ 31.3 ″  N , 10 ° 46 ′ 42.9 ″  E