New journal for criminal law

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New journal for criminal law

description German trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Jurisprudence
publishing company Verlag CHBeck , Munich (Germany)
Headquarters Frankfurt am Main
First edition January 15, 1981
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 3,000 copies
( 2016 )
Editor-in-chief Hartmut Schneider (responsible editor)
executive Director Hans Dieter Beck , Wolfgang Beck
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Article archive all issues since 1981
ZDB 138241-x

The New Journal for Criminal Law (abbreviation: NStZ ) is a German legal journal that is published monthly by Verlag CHBeck (format: DIN A4 ) and emerged in 1981 from the criminal law section of the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift . In addition, the case law report ( NStZ-RR ) has been published monthly as an independent journal since 1996 .

The NStZ published essays on criminal law , misdemeanor law , criminal law , juvenile justice , penal and Nebenstrafrecht and a wide jurisdiction on the topics.

The group of editors included the late Federal Attorney General (GBA) Kurt Rebmann . The current editors are Hans Dahs , Thomas Dittmann, Judge at the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) Thomas Fischer , Margarete von Galen , Monika Harms , Markus Jäger , Christoph Knauer , Daniel Krause, Otto Lagodny, Herbert Landau , Klaus Letzgus, Klaus Miebach , Helmut Satzger , Hartmut Schneider, Thomas Ullenbruch and Gunter Widmaier .

You can refer to individual articles by specifying the abbreviation "NStZ", the year and the page. In the case of references to court decisions that are printed in the NStZ, the court is also named. For example, the information "LG Karlsruhe NStZ 2005, 451 ff." Stands for a judgment by the Karlsruhe Regional Court ("Karlsruhe Autobahnraser"), which was printed in 2005 from page 451 onwards.

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