New archive for Saxon history

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New archive for Saxon history
Title page of the 47th volume of the HZ, Dresden 1926
description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise National history
language German
publishing company Publishing house Ph. CW Schmidt ( Germany )
First edition 1862/63
Frequency of publication yearly
editor Karlheinz Blaschke [among others]
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ISSN (print)

The New Archive for Saxon History ( NASG for short ) is an annual German-language specialist journal for Saxon regional history . The editors are currently Karlheinz Blaschke , Enno Bünz , Winfried Müller , Martina Schattkowsky and Uwe Schirmer .

The magazine was founded in 1862/63 and initially operated under the title Archive for Saxon History . From 1880 it then appeared with a new volume count under the name New Archive for Saxon History and Archeology . From volume 10 (1889) to volume 58 (1937) it was called the New Archive for Saxon History and Antiquity , then the New Archive for Saxon History . By the time it was discontinued for reasons related to the war with Volume 63 (1942), the NASG had acquired a recognized place among the leading regional historical journals in Germany. Under the conditions of the GDR era, which resulted in a deliberate suppression of the country's history, a reappearance of the magazine was not possible.

It was not until 1993, after an interruption of 50 years, that Karlheinz Blaschke succeeded in re-establishing the NASG ; Following on from the old volume census, Volume 64 was published in 1993. Under his editorship, he managed to raise the magazine to its traditional level within a short time and to regain full recognition from the professional world. Since volume 70 (1999) the NASG has been published in conjunction with the Institute for Saxon History and Folklore (ISGV). Personnel changes in the ISGV made a reorganization of the editorial support necessary in 2002, in the context of which Karlheinz Blaschke, as the previous sole editor of the magazine, approved the establishment of an editorial board ( see above ) .

Each volume of the NASG contains a section with scientific articles , a section “Research and Discussion” and an extensive review section .

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