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The neo-Thomism is the core of neo-scholasticism . He represents the maintenance and renewal of the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas . The Neuthomist movement is most developed in France and Belgium . The encyclical Aeterni Patris by Pope Leo XIII. of August 4, 1879, gave Neuthomism a strong impetus.

This school was co-founded by Joseph Maréchal (1878–1944); Jacques Maritain , Étienne Gilson , André Marc , Erich Przywara , Johannes B. Lotz , Walter Brugger , Karl Rahner , Bernard Lonergan and Emerich Coreth are among the best-known representatives of contemporary Neuthomism . This Neuthomism differs from Thomism in the narrower sense, as it is represented by the great Dominican Homists , Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange , Santiago María Ramírez de Dulanto and others.

Neuthomism is a "philosophy according to Kant " that re-establishes metaphysics in the sense of Thomas Aquinas. The way to the metaphysics of being leads in particular via the argument of retorsion and the original affirmation (affirmation absolue) of being, which is set in the background in every judgmental statement. In this way the problem level of Thomas Aquinas and the related questions such as the identity and difference of beings in being and the question of absolute being are regained and further developed in their answers. (See also Thomas Aquinas, De ente et essentia , dt. About beings and beings .)


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