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The New Zealand Law Society is the legal professional body of barristers and solicitors in New Zealand . It was founded in 1869 with the assistance of then Attorney-General James Prendergast , who was also its first President.

The legal basis is the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 (LCA), which came into force on August 1, 2008 . The Society regulates legal practice in New Zealand. Membership is voluntary, but anyone wishing to practice law in New Zealand must obtain a fee-based Society license. The Society has 13 branches. Each branch has a president and a council who represent the interests of its members at the regional and national levels.

Originally there were 14 independent District Law Societies with independent regulatory competence, which worked together federally in the association structure of the New Zealand Law Society . As of January 31, 2009, these organizations were incorporated into the New Zealand Law Society. The only exception is Auckland. The following day, branches of the New Zealand Law Society opened in the former districts and Auckland.


The NZLS is governed by a council that meets at least annually. This includes:

  • president
  • new President-designate until he takes office
  • four vice presidents
  • One member of each branch
  • Chairman or President of each section of the society
  • Chairman or President of the New Zealand Bar Association
  • a representative of the Association of Large Law Firms.

Between the meetings of the council, the society is led by a board consisting of the president (plus designated successor) and the vice-presidents.


James Prendergast was appointed Attorney-General of New Zealand by the Governor in 1870 as the first President of the newly created organization. He resigned when he was appointed Chief Justice in 1875 .

  1. Walter Scott Reid (1897–1902)
  2. Francis Henry Dillon Bell (1902-1918)
  3. Charles Perrin Skerrett (1918-1926)
  4. Alexander Gray (1926-1934)
  5. Charles Herbert Treadwell (1934-1935)
  6. Humphrey Francis O'Leary (1935-1946)
  7. Philip Brunskill Cooke (1946-1950)
  8. William Henry Cunningham (1950–1954)
  9. Timothy Patrick Cleary (1954-1957)
  10. Allan Bruce Buxton (1957-1959)
  11. David Perry (1959-1962)
  12. Edward Denis Blundell (1962–1968)
  13. Denis McGrath (1968–1971)
  14. Stanley William Wilford Tong (1971–1974)
  15. William Guy Smith (1974)
  16. Lester John Castle (1974-1977)
  17. Laurence Henry Southwick (1977-1980)
  18. Johann Thomas Eichelbaum (1980–1982)
  19. Bruce Houlton Slane (1982-1985)
  20. Peter Francis Clapshaw (1985–1988)
  21. Graham Mitchell Cowley (1988-1990)
  22. Judith Marjorie Potter (1990-1993)
  23. Austin John Forbes (1993–1996)
  24. Ian Leslie Haynes (1996-1999)
  25. Christine Mary Grice (1999-2003)
  26. Christopher Robert Darlow (2003-2007)
  27. John Livingston Marshall (2007-2010)
  28. Jonathan Paul Temm (2010-2013)
  29. Christopher Patrick Eisdell Moore (since 2013)


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