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Somdet Chaofa Jaya Raja Varman Ngaow , short (Prince) Ngaow (Nagaya; * 1802 in Vientiane , † in the 19th century), was general of the army of the Laotian Kingdom of Vientiane .


Prince Ngaow was the second eldest son of King Anuvong of Vientiane and was trained with the Royal Page Corps in Bangkok . In 1826 he and many men from Laos were forced to dig canals and cut trees. This resulted in insults and corporal punishment. After the return of the prince and other men, these measures became the cause of a revolt against the overpowering Siamese. General Ngaow accompanied his father to Annam at the court of Hu nach between October 1827 and June 1828 .

Between 1827 and 1828 Ngaow was commander-in-chief of the army of Vientiane, but it was defeated on October 18, 1828 near Bokvarn ( Udon Thani ). Ngaow, unlike most other members of the royal family, was never captured by the Siamese. According to rumors from Lao and French circles (who may have pursued their own territorial interests), he is said to have survived for many years and left behind offspring.


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