Lower Saxony Forest Research Institute

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The Lower Saxony Forest Research Institute (NFV), based in Göttingen , had existed since 1950 and, as the department of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forests, was responsible for scientific research, state forests and advising forest owners. In this form she was also responsible for Schleswig-Holstein . The founder of the Lower Saxony Forest Research Institute was Eilhard Wiedemann , first director Reinhard Schober (from 1950 to 1974), followed by Gerhard Seibt (from 1974 to 1978), Hans Achim Gussone (from 1978 to 1991) and Burkhard Müller-Using (1991 to 2003) . In January 2003 Hermann Spellmann took over the management.

The NFV was divided into four departments:

  • Department A, forest growth, dealt with crop science , forest regeneration, forest conservation , biometrics and computer science.
  • The subject areas of Department B, Forest Protection, were insects, mammals / forest protection technology, aerial photography and damage diagnosis.
  • The tasks of Department C, Forest Genetic Resources, located in Escherode, were gene conservation, method development, research on origins and, furthermore, forest plant breeding (seeds).
  • The work area of ​​department D, environmental control, comprised material balance, forest damage diagnosis / soil remediation, environmental analysis, soil protection and material balances.

On January 1, 2006, the research institute was dissolved. The forestry research in the federal states of Hesse , Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt was brought together in a joint Northwest German Forest Research Institute (NW-FVA) under the direction of Hermann Spellmann. The institute's headquarters are in Göttingen . The department "forest genetic resources" is in Hann. Münden housed. On March 1, 2011, Schleswig-Holstein joined the Northwest German Forest Research Institute as the fourth partner country.


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