Nikolai Nikolajewitsch Lange

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Nikolai Nikolajewitsch Lange

Nikolai Nikolaevich Long ( Russian Николай Николаевич Ланге ; born March 12 . Jul / 24. March  1858 greg. In St. Petersburg ; † 15. February 1921 in Odessa ) was a Russian psychologist and a representative of the experimental psychology of German descent. He set up a law of perception that describes the unity of sense perception and logical inference rules in knowledge. Like Theodor Draw , he tried to establish a connection between human perception and abstract logic.

In 1894 Lange was the first to translate Aristotle's "First Analytics" into Russian.


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  • Душа ребёнка (The child's soul); Saint Petersburg, 1892
  • Письма Элоизы к Абеляру (Letters from Eloise to Abelard) appeared in the magazine «Южный сборник в пользу пострадавших от неурожая» ; Odessa, 1892
  • Перевод с примечаниями первой Аналитики Аристотеля (translation of the first analysis of Aristotle); Saint Petersburg, 1894
  • Учебник логики (Textbook of Logic); Odessa, 1898
  • Великие мыслители XIX века. Лекция I. Кант и «Критика чистого разума» (The great thinkers of the XIX century. The teachings of Immanuel Kant and the "Critique of Pure Reason"); Odessa, 1901;
  • Теория В. Вундта о начале мифа (W. Wundt's theory about the beginning of the myth); Odessa, 1912


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