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Location of Nyêmo County (pink) in the prefecture-level city of Lhasa (yellow)
Tibetan name
Tibetan script :
སྙེ་ མོ་ རྫོང་
Wylie transliteration :
snye mo rdzong
THDL transcription :
Chinese name
Simplified :
尼 木 县
Pinyin :
Nímù Xiàn

Nyêmo (also: Nyemo) is a district in the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China .

Location and population

Nyêmo belongs to the administrative area of ​​the prefecture-level city of Lhasa . In 1999 the district had 28,886 inhabitants. Its main town is the large community of Tarrong ( dar grong དར་ གྲོང་ / Tǎróng Zhèn 塔 荣 镇 ).

Administrative structure

At the community level, the district consists of one large community and seven communities . These are (pinyin / chin.):

"Incident of Nyêmo"

During the height of the Cultural Revolution in Tibet, a former nun allied with one of the Red Guards factions . She claimed to be obsessed with Jowo , the Buddha statue in Jokang, and called herself "Chairman Mao's right hand ". In June 1969, she had her Tibetan fighters killed or cruelly mutilated around thirty opponents - also Tibetans . They then attacked a position of unarmed soldiers of the People's Liberation Army and killed thirteen of them. It was one of the bloodiest incidents during the Cultural Revolution in Tibet. The rebellion was eventually put down by the army. To this day, some Tibetans in exile regard the nun as a freedom fighter and heroine, and the incident is romanticized as a Tibetan resistance against China.


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Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 29 ° 42 '  N , 90 ° 13'  E