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Location of the Lhünzhub district (pink) in the district-free city of Lhasa (yellow)
Tibetan name
Tibetan script :
ལྷུན་ གྲུབ་ རྫོང་
Wylie transliteration :
lhun dug rdzong
Official transcription of the PRCh :
THDL transcription :
Other spellings:
Chinese name
Simplified :
林 周 县
Pinyin :
Línzhōu Xiàn

Lhünzhub (also: Lhündrub) is a district in the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China . It belongs to the administrative area of ​​the prefecture-level city of Lhasa . At the end of 2013 it had around 60,000 inhabitants. The area is 4517 km², the 2010 census showed a resident population of 50,246 people.

The Lhünzhub district is located in the south of the Tibetan plateau , which is characterized by thin air, strong sunlight and high temperature differences between day and night. The annual average temperature is 2 ° C and the annual rainfall averages 500 mm.

Administrative structure

At the community level, the district consists of a large community and nine communities . These are (official spelling / Chinese):

The seat of the county government is in the large municipality of Gandainqonkor .

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Coordinates: 30 ° 21 '  N , 91 ° 29'  E