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Odama is in ancient Japan located somewhere pinball game of the game developer Nintendo . The game was released for the Nintendo GameCube in April 2006 .


The Yamanouchi clan was driven from their homeland a long time ago. Now he wants to regain control and goes to war against the Karasuma clan . The advantages of the Yamanouchi clan: Odama, a huge bullet which, when used as a weapon, can cause huge damage in the ranks of the enemy. The second weapon is the Nin-Ten bell , which, when hit by the Odama , forces the enemy to the ground with its sound.

Specifics of the game

In Odama , the game principles of two genres were mixed. As in a pinball game, the player has to hold a ball with two pinball machines on the playing field and coordinate his own units as in a strategy game .

Course of the game

The game begins after an intro sequence. The goal is to have the Nin-Ten bell carried by your own soldiers brought to the top of the field and to protect them from the opposing samurai . This is made more difficult by a time limit, various level tasks and the enemy soldiers and buildings. The ball is pushed by the pinball machines and so gets onto the field. Short commands such as collect! Are given to your own soldiers via microphone . or advance! and in addition, the playing field can be inclined slightly to influence the course of the Odama . In addition, tasks have to be solved in the individual levels. An example of this: In order to get to another playing field, a gate must be opened, the player must now give his soldiers the command via microphone to bring the key to the gate. In doing so, he must now also protect the key bearers from enemies. If the bell has reached the top of the field and you have solved the tasks, the level is successfully completed and you can play the next one.

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