Operation Rainbow (novel)

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Operation Rainbow ( English original title: Rainbow Six ) is a thriller by the American author Tom Clancy from 1998. The computer game Rainbow Six was designed at the same time with this book, which is more than 1000 pages in the German paperback version .


John Clark, a former member of the Seals elite force and later a CIA employee , is appointed head of a new anti-terrorist unit . While he was flying with Domingo "Ding" Chavez and Alistair Stanley to the unit's new base in England, the plane was hijacked by three Basque separatists . He overpowers the hostage takers along with his two colleagues.

In the course of the book, the special unit has to deal with several attacks around the world, which - as it turns out later - were planned or commissioned by one and the same person. The last attack is aimed directly at the family of John Clark and that of Domingo Chávez, who now has a child with Clark's daughter. Eventually, the men of the anti-terrorist unit "Rainbow" uncovered an international conspiracy of fanatical environmentalists who plan to exterminate the human race with a deadly virus released at the Olympic Games in Sydney . The decision is made in the Brazilian jungle , where the fanatics are wiped out by the men of the anti-terrorist unit.