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Tom Clancy (1989)

Thomas "Tom" Leo Clancy Jr. (born April 12, 1947 in Baltimore , Maryland ; † October 1, 2013 ibid) was an American writer who wrote under the name Tom Clancy and was particularly popular for his political thrillers such as B. Hunt for Red October is known. Over 100 million copies of his books have been printed.

Clancy was also a co-owner of the major league baseball team Baltimore Orioles .

Life and work


Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. was born in Baltimore . He attended Loyola Blakefield High School in Towson , graduating in 1965. After high school, he graduated from Loyola College with a degree in English-language literature (BA 1969). Clancy then applied for the Reserve Officer Training Corps , but was declared unfit for duty due to poor eyesight. Before he published his first novel, he ran an independent insurance agency for some time, which was then bought by a group of investors. In 1993, he joined a group of investors that bought the Baltimore Orioles baseball team . In 1998 he also wanted to buy the Minnesota Vikings , which failed because of the purchase price.


Clancy married his first wife, Wanda, in 1969. The marriage was divorced in 1999. On June 26, 1999, he married the journalist Alexandra Marie Llewellyn, whom he had met in 1997. She is the daughter of J. Bruce Llewellyn, a wealthy American businessman who introduced Clancy to former US Secretary of State Colin Powell .

In 2008 the rights to Tom Clancy's name were sold to the French software manufacturer Ubisoft . He is allowed to use the name for his products.

Clancy died on October 1, 2013, at the age of 66, at Johns Hopkins Hospital in his hometown of Baltimore.


Clancy's political thrillers mostly take place against the background of the work of secret services and the military, whereby a pro-American point of view is always represented. This manifested itself in particular in the subjects which, in the context of the Cold War, addressed the East-West contrast and US-American and Soviet thought patterns. In the books set after 1990 he emphasizes very strongly the difference between a democratic Russia and the communist Soviet Union.

Although the literary style of his books has been controversial among many professional authors and critics, most of his books are bestsellers. The followers of his work like the actions they consider to be well thought out and the sometimes extreme attention to technical details. Clancy owes this wealth of detail to his numerous contacts with the US military, which presumably values ​​his style and his pro-American perspective, which also includes the American legal system and the American military as good and generally rarely expresses criticism of the system.

In recent years, Clancy's books have become more politicized and show many of his, in the American sense, more conservative , pro-military views as well as his legal ideas and their enforcement. Especially in his book In the Eye of the Tiger, the critics and European fans criticized an anti-European mood, which they associate with the rejection of the Iraq conflict in Europe. In order from above (English title:. Executive Orders ) is its main fictional character Jack Ryan President of the United States . Some Clancy fans objected to this ambiguous move from intelligence to politics. Even so, his books continue to sell well.

In 1997, Clancy signed a contract with Pearson Custom Publishing and Penguin Putnam Inc. , both part of Pearson Education , which earned him $ 50 million and secured the contractors' worldwide marketing of his next two books in English. He then signed a second $ 25 million contract for a four-year book and multimedia agreement. This was immediately followed by contract number 3 for $ 22 million with the ABC for the publication of 24 paperback books in connection with the ABC television miniseries Tom Clancy's Net Force . Combined with $ 190 million in proceeds from The Attack , Clancy made at least $ 300 million.

After the attacks of September 11th, Clancy was allegedly called in by the American government as an advisor - in debt of honor he had designed a scenario that came very close to the later reality.

The publication of his new novel of the Jack Ryan series, which had already been announced for 2005, has been postponed several times, most recently to July 2007. Since Tom Clancy had to undergo a bypass operation in October 2006 , it was for a long time questionable whether there would be another book at all Number of himself will appear. In December 2010 the next novel from the so-called Jack Ryan universe was published. Dead or Alive is, like In the Eye of the Tiger , about Jack Ryan Jr., the son of Jack Ryan. From this point on, titles published were published with the help of changing co-authors . With all his might , Mark Greaney, as one of these co-authors, continued the Jack Ryan universe as an independent author at the end of 2014. In June 2015, the book entitled Under Fire , written by Grant Blackwood , was published. Others followed.

Four of his books were made into films successfully in financial terms, even if the contents sometimes differ significantly from the novel:

In 2014, the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit , based on Clancy's main character, starring Chris Pine, was released . A television series entitled Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan has been available as a streaming offer on Amazon since 2018 . The main actor is John Krasinski .

In addition to his fictional works, Clancy also wrote several non-fiction books about the American armed forces .

In addition, books are also sold under his name that are only partially or not at all from his pen, but have a similar style. These include the series:

The books in the Splinter Cell series are based on the computer and console games of the same name (see below).

Naming rights

After the French publisher Ubisoft had already taken over Clancy's game company, Red Storm Entertainment , the publisher also acquired the naming rights to "Tom Clancy" in 2008. Accordingly, Ubisoft has unlimited permission to sell games, films and other products under the “Tom Clancy” brand. Industry insiders reckon that Ubisoft let the naming rights cost around 20 million euros.



Except for the novels Im Sturm , SSN and Gegen alle Feinde , all novels deal with Jack Ryan and / or John Clark. These novels lie within the chronology of the content of the Jack Ryan universe .

In the order of their publication

  • 1984: The Hunt for Red October
    English Original title: The Hunt For Red October
    Jack Ryan helps the USSR's most highly regarded submarine captain in the Navy , Marko Ramius, who wants to overrun the United States with a new submarine designed as a first-strike weapon . Filming in 1990 with Alec Baldwin as Ryan, Sean Connery as Captain Marko Ramius and Sam Neill as first officer of the "Red October" Wassili Borodin.
  • 1986: Im Sturm
    Original English title: Red Storm Rising
    This book is about a war between NATO and the Soviet Union; neither Ryan nor Clark play a role in this book. During the war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact states , Soviet units advance on Hamburg and another unit advance on Bodenwerder. At the same time, Soviet paratroopers occupied Iceland. Before the war, Greece and Turkey left the military system of NATO and behaved neutrally.
  • 1987: The hour of the patriots
    Original English title: Patriot Games
    Ryan saves the Prince of Wales' life from terrorists , who then pursue him.
    Filming in 1992 with Harrison Ford as Ryan, Sean Bean as Sean Miller and James Earl Jones as Admiral Greer, instead of the Prince of Wales there is a fictional lord in the film.
  • 1988: The Cardinal in the Kremlin
    Original English title: The Cardinal of the Kremlin
    This book covers the race between the superpowers USA and USSR in the field of laser technology . In addition, a high-profile spy is rescued from the Soviet Union, the KGB boss is forced to defend, and Ryan meets his Russian counterpart Golovko for the first time.
  • 1989: Der Schattenkrieg
    Original English title: Clear and Present Danger
    There is a drug war going on in Colombia . As a result, Ryan and Clark meet for the first time. Domingo Chavez also appears as a soldier and his first meeting with Clark takes place.
    It was made into a film under the title The Cartel in 1994 with Harrison Ford as Ryan and Willem Dafoe in the role of Clark.
  • 1991: The Echo of All Fear
    Original English title: The Sum of All Fears
    Israel loses a nuclear bomb with the Arabs during the Yom Kippur War (October 1973) . Terrorists found this bomb years later and used it to spark a war between the United States and the Soviet Union that Ryan averted at the last minute. Film adaptation under the title The attack in 2002 with Ben Affleck in the role of Ryan. The plot of the film has changed significantly compared to the book, only part of the plot of the book has been taken over for the film, the identity and the drive of the terrorists have been greatly changed, and essential parts of the book have been left out completely. Ryan is portrayed in the film as a young analyst who is not yet married. In the book, however, Ryan is already the CIA Deputy Director, married and has two children. In this film adaptation, the deviations from the novel are greatest.
  • 1993: Mercilessly
    English original title: Without Remorse
    Chronologically the first book on John Clark. It begins during the Vietnam War and explains how Clark became an agent of the CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ). Jack Ryan's father, who is a Baltimore police officer , plays a role in the book.
  • 1994: Ehrenschuld
    English Original title: Debt of Honor
    Japanese industrialists conspire against the USA, attack the US stock exchanges and take Pacific islands. Clark and Ding Chavez help National Security Advisor Ryan avert a major war with Japan. At the end of the book, the pilot of a Japanese airline rushes into Congress with a Boeing 747 while the latter is meeting to swear in Ryan as the new Vice President.
  • 1996: Orders from above
    Original English title: Executive Orders
    Continuation of debt of honor . Ryan, who was sworn in as president after the plane attack, consolidates his initially very difficult political situation with the help of his chief of staff Arnie van Damm. As Islamists an Ebola perform stroke on the United States to their attack on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to support the US military attack led by Marion Diggs (also plays in The Legend / The Bear and The Dragon a important role). In the end, the leader of the Islamists is killed with two bombs.
  • 1998: Operation Rainbow
    Original English Title: Rainbow Six
    Published and written in connection with the video game of the same name. John Clark leads NATO's elite anti-terrorist unit Rainbow and prevents mass murders worldwide by fanatics in the respective country of operation. The attacks were instigated and financed by environmental activists in order to rid the world of humans. The final showdown will take place in Brazil after an attempt to eradicate humanity with a virus fails. Jack Ryan is mentioned but does not appear.
  • 2000: Under the Sign of the Dragon
    Original English title: The Bear and The Dragon
    President Ryan recognizes Taiwan as independent and Russia is admitted to NATO to deter opponents. The People's Republic of China is attacking Russia to get oil and gold . In the war that followed, US forces assisted Russian troops in defending their country.
  • 2002: Red Rabbit
    English title identical
    When Ryan was still a CIA analyst, he helped a Soviet KGB officer defeat. The officer was aware of the plans of the USSR Politburo to have the new Polish Pope killed by a Bulgarian assassin. (The assassination described in the book really did exist. See main article on John Paul II. )
  • 2003: In the Eye of the Tiger
    Original English Title: The Teeth Of The Tiger
    The book shows the rise of Jack Ryan Junior as a news specialist in a semi-legal organization called Campus, which was founded at the suggestion of Jack Ryan Sr. prior to his retirement from the presidency.
  • 2010: Dead or Alive
    English title identical; with Grant Blackwood
    Jack Ryan Jr., a member of the secret anti-terrorist unit "Campus", is given the assignment to arrest a global terrorist known as the Emir. He receives support from John Clark and Ding Chavez, who work there at Rainbow after they have retired from active service.
  • 2011: Against all enemies
    Original English title: Against all Enemies ; with Peter Telep
    Max Moore's CIA team dies in an assassination attempt in Pakistan. As the only survivor, the former Navy SEAL goes deeper into the Pakistani tribal areas to find the terrorist cell responsible. What he finds out there leads him to the US border with Mexico.
  • 2013: Target captured
    English original title: Locked On ; with Mark Greaney
    Jack Ryan Jr. is training for campus field missions while his father is running for reelection for President of the United States. A dearest enemy of Jack Sr. launches a privately funded smear campaign to discredit him, while a corrupt Pakistani general has made a lethal pact with a fanatical terrorist to obtain nuclear warheads.
  • 2013: Danger
    Zone Original English title: Threat Vector , Heyne, Munich, ISBN 978-3-453-26884-5 ; with Mark Greaney
    Jack Ryan Jr. finds evidence of a highly dangerous computer espionage program run by an organization called Center while on duty. It soon turns out to be a great danger to the entire US infrastructure. At the same time, China wants to expand its sphere of influence over the East China Sea including Taiwan.
  • 2014: Command Authority: Battle for the Crimea
    English title Command Authority , Heyne, Munich ISBN 978-3-453-26965-1 ; with Mark Greaney
    After an armed border conflict between Russia and Estonia, President Ryan is faced with upheavals in the Russian secret service, which has its roots in the Cold War. Shortly thereafter, tensions rise in the Crimea.

Chronology of content

  1. Merciless (orig: Without Remorse)
  2. The Hour of the Patriots (orig: Patriot Games) (as a feature film The Hour of the Patriots )
  3. Red Rabbit (orig: Red Rabbit)
  4. Jagd auf Roter Oktober (orig: The Hunt For Red October) (as a feature film Jagd auf Roter Oktober )
  5. The Cardinal of the Kremlin (orig: The Cardinal of the Kremlin)
  6. Der Schattenkrieg (orig: Clear and Present Danger) (as a feature film Das Kartell )
  7. Das Echo aller Furcht (orig: The Sum of All Fears) (as a feature film The Attack )
  8. Debt of honor (orig: Debt of Honor)
  9. Order from above (orig: Executive Orders)
  10. Operation Rainbow (orig: Rainbow Six)
  11. In the sign of the dragon (orig: The Bear and The Dragon)
  12. In the eye of the tiger (orig: The Teeth Of The Tiger)
  13. Dead or Alive
  14. Target captured (orig: Locked On)
  15. Danger zone (orig: Threat Vector)
  16. Battle for the Crimea (orig: Command Authority)
  17. The campus (orig: Support and Defend) by Mark Greaney
  18. With all violence (orig: Full Force and Effect) by Mark Greaney
  19. Under Fire by Grant Blackwood
  20. The Power of the President (orig: Commander in Chief ) by Mark Greaney
  21. Duty and Honor (orig: Duty and Honor) by Grant Blackwood
  22. Attack on the President (orig: True Faith and Allegiance ) by Mark Greaney

Books outside of chronology

  • Im Sturm (orig: Red Storm Rising)
  • SSN (did not appear in German)
  • Against all enemies (orig: Against all enemies)


Expanded Jack Ryan Universe

In the so-called "extended Jack Ryan universe" other authors continued Tom Clancy's fictional characters or scenarios.

Series Jack Ryan (jr.)

Jack Ryan series continued with other authors, initially former co-authors of Tom Clancy's later books.

  • With all violence (January 2017), engl. Original title Full Force and Effect (2014) by Mark Greaney
    A huge rare earth metal deposit is found in North Korea . The regime there has resources within reach to get its long-range missile program ready for action. President Jack Ryan tries to cut funding for the mining program, putting his life in direct danger. Jack ryan jr. As an agent of the campus, he seems to get on the trail of the conspiracy by chance.
  • Under Fire (October 2017) engl. Original title identical (2015) by Grant Blackwood
    Jack ryan jr. is on a routine reconnaissance mission to Tehran , Iran . When he meets an old friend from college , he soon finds himself in a dangerous situation, with British and American intelligence apparently also playing a role. The tracks lead to the northern neighboring countries and the Russian Dagestan seems to be the center.
  • The Power of the President (May 2018) engl. Original title Commander in Chief (2015) by Mark Greaney
    After what happened in the last few books, the Russian President is under great internal pressure and needs clear success. The Baltic States soon found themselves in a troubled situation, with little Lithuania in particular at the center of the action. President Ryan has to decide whether it is a ruse by Russia or whether a new war might actually be imminent. While working at the campus, his son uncovered a Russian foreign finance network.
  • Duty and Honor (January 2019) engl. Original title Duty and Honor (2016) by Grant Blackwood
    Jack ryan jr. paused from work as an agent for campus . Suddenly he is attacked; What at first looks like an attempted murder by robbery seems to have been a targeted action on closer inspection. Jack Ryan Jr. begins an investigation on his own. The trail finally leads to a Belgian journalist and a mysterious German security company and thus to Europe .
  • Attack on the President (October 2019) engl. Original title True Faith and Allegiance (2016) by Mark Greaney
    The campus is trying to increase its personnel again, at the same time there are attacks in the USA and American agents are exposed abroad. There are signs of a data leak from the security authorities in the USA, which must be investigated and closed.
  • Last decision (2017; to be released May 2020) by Mike Maden
  • Power and Empire (2017; not yet published in Germany) by Marc Cameron
  • Line of Sight (2018; not yet published) by Mike Maden

Campus series

The series takes place directly in the Jack Ryan universe, but the main character is Dominic Caruso, the nephew of President Jack Ryan.

  • Support and Defend (2014; German title Der Campus , publication date October 26, 2015) by Mark Greaney
    Dominic Caruso, agent of the CAMPUS, is looking for leaks in the secret service. The whistleblower Ross has passed on a hard drive that contains explosives not only for the secret services, but also for the entire western world, if it gets into the hands of the wrong people.

Tom Clancy's Op Center

Tom Clancy's Op-Center is a book series created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik . The books, however, were written by the author Jeff Rovin . According to the publishing house Heyne, no further translations are planned. In 1995, the book series was accompanied by a TV film entitled Countdown des Schreckens (original title OP-Center ).

  • 1995: Op-Center
    engl. Original title Op-Center
  • 1996: mirror image
    engl. Original title: Mirror Image
  • 1996: Chaostage
    engl. Original title: Games of State
  • 1997: explosive device
    engl. Original title: Acts of War
  • 1998: Power games
    engl. Original title: Balance of Power
  • 1999: State of emergency
    engl. Original title: State of Siege
  • 2000: Enemy images
    engl. Original title: Divide and Conquer
  • 2001: Jagdfieber
    engl. Original title Line of Control
  • 2002: Assault
    engl. Original title: Mission of Honor
  • 2003: Firestorm
    engl. Original title: Sea of ​​Fire
  • 2004: Call to Treason
    (not yet published in Germany)
  • 2005: War of Eagles
    (not yet published in Germany)

Tom Clancy's Power Plays

Tom Clancy's Power Plays is a book series written by Jerome Preisler based on ideas from Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg .

  • 1997: Politika
    English title identical; also appeared as a computer game
  • 1998: tiger hunt
    engl. Original title: ; also appeared as a computer game
  • 1999: Night watch
    engl. Original title: Shadow Watch ; also appeared as a computer game
  • 2000: Simulation games
    engl. Original title: Bio-Strike
  • 2001: Cold War
    engl. Original title: Cold War
  • 2002: On a knife's edge
    engl. Original title: Cutting Edge
  • 2003: Zero Hour
    (not yet published in Germany)
  • 2004: Wild Card
    (not yet published in Germany)

Tom Clancy's Net Force

Tom Clancy's Net Force is a series of books created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. The books are written by Steve Perry and since 2003 in collaboration with Larry Segriff . In 1999, the book series was accompanied by a TV film entitled NetForce . This list arranges the novels according to their content chronology, which does not correspond to the German publication chronology.

  • 1999: Net Force 1: Intermafia
    engl. Original title: Net Force (1998)
  • 2000: Net Force 3 *: Code of Honor
    engl. Original title: Hidden Agendas (1999)
  • 2002: Net Force 4: Nachtjagd
    engl. Original title: Night Moves (1999)
  • 2003: Net Force 5: Deadly Attack
    engl. Original title: Breaking Point (2000)
  • 2004: Net Force: Zeitbombe
    engl. Original title: Point of Impact (2001)
  • 2007: Net Force: Cybernation
    engl. Original title: Cybernation (2001)
  • 2009: Net Force: Masterplan
    engl. Original title: State of War (2003)
  • 2007: Net Force: Change of power
    engl. Original title: Changing of the Guard (2003)
  • 2007: Net Force: Assassination
    Eng. Original title: Springboard (2005)
  • 2009: Net Force: The Attack
    engl. Original title: The Archimedes Effect (2006)

* The logical successor to Net Force 1, Net Force 2, is part of the Special Net Force series and is therefore not included in this list.

Tom Clancy's Special Net Force

Tom Clancy's Special Net Force is a youth book series by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. The series is marketed in English-speaking countries as Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers .

  • 1999: Special Net Force 1: Death Game
    engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 2: The Deadliest Game
  • 1999: Special Net Force 2: Vandalen
    engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 1: Virtual Vandals
  • 1999: Special Net Force 3: maiden flight
    engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 3: One Is the Loneliest Number
  • 1999: Net Force 2: Vanishing point
    engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 4: The Ultimate Escape
  • Special Net Force: competition
    • 1999: Competition from the book Special Net Force: Competition
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 5: The Great Race
    • 1999: Endgame from the book Special Net Force: Competition
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 6: End Game
    • 1999: Cyberspion from the book Special Net Force: Competition
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 7: Cyberspy
  • Special Net Force: A Matter of Honor
    (three novels in one volume)
    • 2000: A matter of honor
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 8: Shadow of Honor
    • 2000: Black shadows
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 9: Private Lives
    • 2000: hostage-taking
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 10: Safe House
  • Special Net Force: Shadow World
    (three novels in one volume)
    • 2000: Monster hunt
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 11: Gameprey
    • 2000: double identity
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 12: Duel Identity
    • 2000: Schattenwelt
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 13: Deathworld
  • Special Net Force: Escape Routes
    (three novels in one volume)
    • 2001: Free fall
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 14: High Wire
    • 2001: Without a trace
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 15: Cold Case
    • 2001: escape route
      engl. Original title: Net Force Explorers 16: Runaways
  • Special Net Force: The Goal
    (two novels in one volume)
    • Death duel
      engl. Original title Net Force Explorers 17: Cloak and Dagger
    • Disclosure of secrets
      Engl. Original title Net Force Explorers 18: Death Match

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Seven books on Splinter Cell have been published so far. The books were written by various authors under the pseudonym David Michaels . The latest part appeared written by Peter Telep .

  • 2005: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Babylon Phoenix
  • 2006: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda
  • 2006: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Checkmate
  • 2009: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Fallout
  • 2010: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • 2010: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Final Phase
  • 2013: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Aftermath (not yet published in German)

More book series

In addition to Splinter Cell , books on Ghost Recon , EndWar and HAWX were also published , each of which was written under the pseudonym David Michaels or later officially by Peter Telep .

Video games under Tom Clancy's name

Logo of the Tom Clancys brand

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

More games

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