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Orkus (own spelling Orkus! ) Is an alternative music and culture magazine in German. It is published monthly by the Zoomia Media Group . Orkus gave its name to the annual Amphi Festival , which is organized by an external company.

Contrary to what the subtitle "Gothic - Romantic - Industrial - Electro" suggests, music styles such as metal , medieval rock , new German hardness , alternative rock , electro , J-rock and future pop are covered. The divisions Gothic Rock , Dark Wave and Industrial have only played a minor role since the end of the 1990s.


The magazine was founded in 1995 by Claus Müller and appeared free of charge in A5 format. The main focus was initially on wave, gothic, electro and industrial. With the third issue in May 1996, the magazine was published for a fee and in A4 format. Since 1997, the Gothic and Wave divisions have largely been replaced by foreign music genres, and the focus has now shifted to the metal environment. But the magazine did not close itself off to other directions, such as Goa trance , IDM , ambient , drum and bass and techno . Currently it covers precisely bands and typical festivals of the black scene .


In addition to interviews, concert reports, short portraits and reviews (especially from the death, dark and black metal environment), there are also non-music-related topics, such as illustrated reports on cemeteries and their backgrounds (idea by Michael Gareis-Lahde), series about mysticism in "everyday life" ( vampire , mythology , dreams , etc.) as well as columns by musicians ( Oswald Henke , Alexander Kaschte ) and pages with poems by readers.

New songs and remixes by the bands featured in the booklet are published on the accompanying CD .

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