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Orcus ( German : Orkus ) was one of the names for the god of the underworld in Roman mythology . Other names were Pluto or Dis Pater . Orcus was used to describe his evil, punishing side, the god who tortured the dead in the afterlife . However, he was also attributed the properties of a psychopomp , as which he led the souls of the deceased into the underworld. As a place of punishment, it was not considered to be an absolutely bad stay of the dead, from which redemption could be hoped as a purified spirit.

Orcus may have its origins in the Etruscan religion . Orcus was also a name used by Roman authors to refer to a Gallic god of the underworld.

In German , "Orkus" is used in the sense of abyss, realm of the dead or underworld. Is z. For example, when speaking of something going into the orcus , it means that it is left to decay. A better-known expression in this context is the orcus of forgetting , which is used synonymously with the term oblivion .


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