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With the exception of Austria, a location refers to the topography of a contiguous area of ​​one or, if applicable, several localities , with single or closed houses .

In contrast to localities, localities are not administrative units . In addition, the term location can also designate a location in the location (e.g. “in a central location”).

In the southern German-speaking region, locations in rural areas are often referred to as hamlets , i.e. a settlement that is smaller than a historically grown village .

In Austria , a distinction is officially made according to size:

  • Village : closed place with ten or more buildings
  • Single courtyard , single house, solitude , single layer: 1 or 2 neighboring buildings
  • Rotte : several buildings in a loose arrangement regardless of the number
  • Hamlet : 3 to 9 buildings in closer proximity
  • Scattered Houses : Buildings that are scattered over a large area, regardless of their number

Individual evidence

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