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Cottage in Dorset , southern England

Single settlement , single location , also single yard, single house, deserted courtyard, deserted area - in Bavaria , Baden-Württemberg and Austria also deserted or single layer - are called single standing buildings as living space or courtyard .


The term Einöde ( Old High German  einōti  , lying alone) denotes the smallest type of settlement in Upper German (cf. Einödflur ), such as “dörfer, hamlet and ainöden” in the Augsburg Chronicles in the 15th century or “stetten, märckten, flecken, ainöden” in of the Tyrolean Landsordnung 1573.

The -ed (t) / - öd (t) names in the Bavarian region do not refer to remote farms, which were given a “beautiful” name as the main settlement area, but to abandoned (deserted) and resumed settlement areas.

On the type of settlement

Single farm in Nesslau , Eastern Switzerland

Individual settlements are typically isolated farms ( homesteads ), mills , inns and the like that are not or hardly integrated into a closed village . They can consist of a single, multifunctional building (one courtyard), two buildings, mostly residential and economic buildings (two or two courtyards), or several buildings (group courtyard) (see also farmhouse ). The main buildings with residential function are at least 100 meters apart in the single courtyard settlement, otherwise it is a group settlement.

Individual settlements can arise through spontaneous, individual settlement or through planned colonization. Individual settlements emerged in each settlement period. They could arise primarily as founding settlements or secondary through the dissolution of villages (desertification).

The same rows in Austria terms wilderness , farmstead , detached , single layer called "one or two neighboring buildings, but not Guts - or Meier farms ".

Several individual layers of a similar type in relative proximity form a scattered settlement . It consists of individual farms, where the specialized farm buildings are more or less evenly distributed over the whole agricultural land; this creates a relatively dense settlement pattern of individual buildings.

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