Topographical settlement identification according to STAT

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The Statistics Austria used in the analysis of official statistics a uniform topographic settlement labeling for the classification of settlements as a topographical object .

The classification includes all objects that are statistically relevant for the official directory . They also correspond to the card signature (symbols) on the Austrian card .

The following terms and abbreviations are used (including some other common abbreviations):

abbreviation designation Explanation
Agh Alpine inn, inn , hotel
Alm Alm, Sennhütte (A)
Alp Alpe, alpine hut (A)
B. Residential barrack (s), barrack camp
Vol Bath, seaside resort
Bgw Mine
Castle Castle, festivals
Camp campsite
D. Village closed place with ten or more buildings
E. Single courtyard, single house, wasteland, single shift 1 or 2 neighboring buildings, but not manor or Meierhöfe: see Mh
Fbk Factory , industrial plant
Fhei Holiday home, youth center , youth hostel , rest home (for healthy)
Gh Inn, tavern
Hgr Group of houses (is used unspecifically for smaller settlements without traditional forms of settlement)
Hot Hotel , motel , pension
Indz Industrial zone
Century Hunting lodge , forester's house , Hegerhaus
Jhtt Hunting, forest, lumberjack, forest ranger hut, lumber room
Ki Church , chapel , mountain church, mountain chapel
Kl Monastery , pen
Krwk power plant Power generation plant: steam, electricity, hydroelectric power plant
Ks Barracks , military camp
M. Capital of a market town
Mh Meierhof , manor
Mill , hammer mill
R. Rotte several buildings in a loose arrangement regardless of the number
Ru ruin
Sat Sanatorium , health resort , spa, sanatorium , hospital
Saw, sawmill, sawmill
Sb Cable car , chair lift including all technical systems
Shh Refuge, refuge
Shih Schihütte , ski home
Schl lock
Sdlg Settlement , colony
Sgr Sand pit , gravel pit
St. city if no districts are listed
Stbr Quarry
Stt district
V Precaution
W. hamlet 3 to 9 buildings in closer proximity
We Weekend house (settlement), summer house (settlement), holiday home (settlement)
Wk plant System of supply or disposal (except power plants - see Kwk): heating plant , substation , sewage treatment plant , waste incineration plant (not: industrial plants: Fbk; mines: Bgw; brickworks: Zgl)
Z Customs guard house, hut , group of buildings used for customs clearance Since the Schengen Agreement only largely historical
Zgl Brickworks, brickworks, brick kilns, brickworks
ZH Scattered houses Buildings that are scattered over a large area regardless of their number
GB, Gbez Judicial district
According to Parish , local parish
KG Cadastral parish
O Locality
OB Part of the locality unspecific
PB, ref political district
SS Statutory city City with its own statute (with the rank of a district)
ST Borough
ZB, ZBez Counting district Statistical district
ZSP, ZSpr Counting district in Vienna counting area
Emphasized terms are direct forms of settlement ("places" in the sense of the common term, i.e. without individual settlements , building complexes and technical systems , and settlements outside the permanent settlement area )
Other abbreviations: Identification under administrative law , not topographical, but can be assigned to a topographical object (a settlement) as a geographical area object
(A) The use of the expressions 'Alm' and 'Alpe' depends “on regional language usage”, but denotes the same conceptual terms - they are, however, shown separately


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Individual evidence

  1. STAT: index of places. Text part 1. To the systematic directory 7. Alpine pastures, alps, mountain estates and passages