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The Austrian Map (ÖK) is the official (topographical) map of Austria. The ÖK is published by the Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying (BEV) in Vienna and is constantly updated.


The official map of Austria is based on the Josephinische (I. Landaufnahme under Joseph II. 1764–1785, imperial about 1: 28.800 / 1: 115.200), Franziszeischen (II. LA. Under Franz I. 1807–1829 ~ 1: 28.800) - as well as the Atlas Tyrolensis (~ 1: 103.800) - and the Franzisco-Josephinische Landesaufnahme (III. LA, Franz Joseph I., 1854–1880, metric 1: 25,000 / 1: 75,000) of the kuk Military Geography Institute , the forerunner of today's BEV . The precision recording (IV. LA.) Started in 1896 and was not completed until 1987 after the turmoil of the two world wars.

Today, the Austrian card in collaboration with institutions such as the Austrian Central Statistics Office (STAT, former. ÖSTAT, leading the gazetteer OVZ), the Austrian Regional Planning Conference (ÖROK), the Institute of Military Geowesen (IMG), the Hydrographic central office (HZB, published the Hydrographic Atlas HAO), the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG, diverse on geology and mining), the Working Group for Cartographic Place Names (AKO) of the Austrian Cartographic Commission (ÖKK) in the Austrian Geographical Society (ÖGG) in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences , the nomenclature and place name commissions of the federal states and the state archives , as well as the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV, publishes the Alpine Association map AK).


The current cards have a NATO stock number .


The official Austrian map is expressly subject to copyright law and is excluded from the concept of free [official] work by Section 7 of the Austrian Copyright Act :

"2. Map works produced or processed by the Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying (Section 5 Paragraph 1) and intended for distribution (Section 16) are not free works. "

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ÖK 25, ÖK 50, ÖK 250, ÖK 500

It is offered in the following scales:

  • 1: 50,000 (ÖK 50) (enlarged as 1: 25,000 (ÖK 25))
  • 1: 250,000 (ÖK 250) and
  • 1: 500,000 (ÖK 500)

The ÖK 50 contains all toponyms from the GEONAM Austria database .

Austrian Map (AMap)

These maps are also known in electronic form as AMap for Austrian Map .

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