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GEONAM Austria is the name of the official database for geographical place names ( toponymics ) in Austria .

This database contains over 220,000 names, in particular the approximately 115,000 names of the official Austrian map 1: 50,000 (ÖK50) - these are all area, landscape and place names that are contained in the digital landscape model Austria . The spectrum of names ranges from area , mountain and mountain names , vineyard names (field names in the sense of the word) (the other 105,000), through city, community and settlement names to names of individual objects such as palaces, castles, mountain huts, hospitals, etc. . (POI, Point of Interest ), all names of waters ( rivers , lakes, etc.) as well as those of the glaciers are included, while street names are not recorded. The geometric accuracy of the information corresponds to that of the cartographic model 1: 50000 (KM50) or the digital orthophotos (DOP).

The data are georeferenced, which means that coordinative reference points are also stored for each entry , with which the place name can be found on a map . GEONAM is linked to the digital map of Austria (Austrian Map) so that a database query can be displayed immediately on the digital map. The maps are designed in such a way that the Austrian map 1: 50,000 shows all names from the GEONAM database (but not the other way around).

The database is managed by the Austrian Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying (BEV). The data (with the exception of the vineyard names) are checked in a 3-year cycle, and significant changes are continuously updated.

With the help of the search function, the database is online both in the joint geographic information web portal Geoland of the Austrian federal states , where other groups of names are also recorded (e.g. motorways and state roads B, or organizational areas such as landscape protection areas), as well as in AMAP Austria ( digital map of Austria online) of the Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying. The GIS servers of the federal states networked with Geoland also access it.

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