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A local area network in a telephone network describes a part of the access network that is geographically limited to one or more localities . In countries without national number portability of the subscriber numbers (as in Germany), a local area network comprises all connections that can be reached under the same area code . The boundaries of a local network are generally based on the political city and municipality boundaries that were current at the time the telephone network was established.

Structure of the local access network

A local network consists of:

Small towns usually do not have their own local exchange, but are connected to the next via local cables . The connection is relatively seldom made analog in the low frequency range. Most are remote peripheral units of the nearest local exchange used, the voice channels in PCM - multiplex technology transfer.

As a rule, a local network area covers the areas with a radius of approx. 5 km around the main distributor. There are 5200 local networks in Germany.

The exchanges of different local networks can be connected (meshed ) to one another via local connection lines (OVl) , via which so-called cross traffic takes place between the local networks connected in this way. In digital technology, however, these are no longer bundles of lines, but also PCM multiplex routes.

In Germany, the area code 0621 is the only one that refers to two separate local networks: Ludwigshafen am Rhein and Mannheim .


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