Area code 06 (Germany)

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The area code 06 , as one of eight geographical area codes in Germany, includes the area codes for Saarland , Rhineland-Palatinate (center), Hesse (center, south), Bavaria (Vorspessart) and North Baden . The Federal Network Agency determines this . The central switching office (ZVSt) for the area was located in Frankfurt am Main .

Place names in bold denote the locations of the former central switching centers (KVSt).

060 - Aschaffenburg / Friedberg and surroundings

061 - Wiesbaden and surroundings

062 - Mannheim / Ludwigshafen and surroundings

063 - Kaiserslautern and surroundings

064 - Giessen and surroundings

AVON from 1970, for the area codes 640 and 641 (Gießen, Grosse Buseck, Grosse Linden, Grünberg, Hungen, Laubach, Loch, Lollar, Londorf, Mücke and Rodhelm-Bieber)

065 - Trier and surroundings

066 - Fulda and surroundings

067 - Bad Kreuznach and surroundings

068 - Saarbrücken and surroundings

069 - Frankfurt / Offenbach and surroundings

Individual evidence

  1. a b According to the Federal Network Agency, these are two independent local networks Mannheim and Ludwigshafen , but they share a common area code 0621 . The individual local networks are distinguished by the first and sometimes the second digit of the call number . This situation is so unique in Germany. See: [1]