Area code 08 (Germany)

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The area code 08 includes, as one of eight geographical area codes in Germany, the area codes for communities from the southern Bavaria area and the toll-free numbers with 0800. The central exchange (ZVSt) for the area was in Munich .

Place names in bold denote the locations of the former central switching centers (KVSt).

080 - Rosenheim and surroundings

  • 0800 free number (Freecall)
  • 0801 reserve for free number

081 - Hallbergmoos and surroundings

082 - Augsburg and surroundings

083 - Kempten (Allgäu) and surroundings

084 - Ingolstadt and surroundings

085 - Passau and surroundings

086 - Traunstein and surroundings

087 - Landshut and surroundings

088 - Weilheim in Upper Bavaria and the surrounding area

089 - Munich and surroundings

Telephone numbers in the Munich area code (089) were geographically assigned to the city districts or suburbs connected to the local network until the telecommunications monopoly was lifted in 1998 using the first two to three initial digits. This was originally due to technical reasons, since traffic was diverted to different exchanges in the city due to different initial digits . Since 1998, phone numbers in the digital network can also be taken with you when moving to other parts of the city; Furthermore, there are many competitive providers (e.g. ARCOR, Hansenet or M-Net) who do not have call numbers from all digit ranges available, so that this system has meanwhile been weakened. The German Telekom assigns numbers often still under the scheme, however, will always deviate more often it, particularly with plant connections. Numbers in Munich are between 6 and 8 digits long, with 6- and 7-digit numbers no longer being reassigned. Until 1988 there were also 5-digit numbers, which were then changed by the Deutsche Bundespost or converted into system connections with direct dialing blocks.