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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Eichenau
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Eichenau highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 10 ′  N , 11 ° 19 ′  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Bavaria
County : Fürstenfeldbruck
Height : 522 m above sea level NHN
Area : 6.99 km 2
Residents: 11,922 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 1706 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 82223
Area code : 08141
License plate : FFB
Community key : 09 1 79 118
Address of the
municipal administration:
Hauptplatz 2
82223 Eichenau
Website : www.eichenau.de
Mayor : Peter Munster ( FDP )
Location of the municipality of Eichenau in the Fürstenfeldbruck district
Ammersee Landkreis Aichach-Friedberg Landkreis Starnberg Landkreis München Landkreis Landsberg am Lech Landkreis Dachau München Adelshofen (Oberbayern) Alling Althegnenberg Egenhofen Eichenau Emmering (Landkreis Fürstenfeldbruck) Fürstenfeldbruck Germering Grafrath Gröbenzell Hattenhofen (Bayern) Jesenwang Kottgeisering Landsberied Maisach Mammendorf Mittelstetten (Oberbayern) Moorenweis Oberschweinbach Olching Puchheim Schöngeising Türkenfeldmap
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Eichenau is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Fürstenfeldbruck .



The place Eichenau is in the east of the Fürstenfeldbrucker district, about six kilometers east of Fürstenfeldbruck and 20 kilometers west of the center of Munich .

Neighboring communities

The distance information describes the straight line to the center of the neighboring town and is commercially rounded to whole kilometers .

4 km
4 km
4 km
5 km
Neighboring communities Puchheim train station
3 km
3 km
7 km
6 km


The community lies in the transition area between the humid Atlantic and the dry continental climate. Other essential weather-determining factors are the Alps as a Central European and the Danube as a regional weather divide. Due to the low pressure areas that pass through, the weather is relatively changeable in the west wind zone. The foehn brings warm and dry air currents from the south every now and then. This is usually associated with a very good view of the Bavarian Alps.


The settlement of the Starzeltal west of Munich began in 1863 with a blockhouse near today's S-Bahn station. The location on the railway was decisive for the development of the settlement and from the beginning the majority of the residents were commuters with jobs in Munich. With the opening of the Roggenstein stop (at today's “Lehr- und Versuchsgut Roggenstein”) on the Pasing-Buchloe railway line (1905), the prerequisites for greater settlement were given. The Munich book printer and real estate dealer Hieronymus Russ began to buy up the damp meadows in Allinger Moos on a large scale from 1910. In 1912 he had a building plan for a colony of home gardeners approved and began selling land. The first attempt at a "building cooperative Eichenau" by 24 Munich citizens is proven by the resolution of 1913. On January 7, 1907, Prince Regent Luitpold officially gave the settlement its name. At that time there were 48 residents in Eichenau.

After the Starzelbach had been straightened , government councilor Josef Nibler and his district master builder Georg Popp had the first building line plan drawn up in 1915 (legally binding in 1918). In the last weeks of the war, he founded the Eichenau und Umgebung eG building cooperative , which is still active today, together with the Jewish director Julius Einhorn from the Munich household waste disposal in Puchheim, the Fürstenfeldbruck savings bank director and the Fürstenfeldbruck notary . With over 62 hectares, she became the largest landowner in the later municipality and decisively determined the entire development of the town. According to the statutes, the district administrator in the Fürstenfeldbruck district office was the board member of the building cooperative until after the Second World War . After Josef Nibler's death in 1921, the architect and district master builder Georg Popp also moved up to the board of the building cooperative and influenced it until 1933.

Tensions with the mother community of Alling reached their peak in 1925, when the majority of the Eichenau municipal councils decided to move the municipal administration to Eichenau.

After the establishment of a volunteer fire brigade in 1921, the first fire station was built in 1925, and in 1926 the neo-baroque Guardian Angel Church was inaugurated by Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber . In October 1937, today's Friesen-Halle was put into operation as a gym. It was named after Friedrich Friesen .

After 1945 the population increased due to the influx of refugees and displaced persons. On April 1, 1957, Eichenau became an independent municipality by hiving off from Alling . In 1967 the municipal administration moved into the newly built town hall. In 1969 the third school building was inaugurated. The Evangelical Peace Church was built in 1970, the second school complex on Parkstrasse in 1972. In the second half of the 1980s, the sports and leisure center with the Budrio Hall was built. In 2007, two more football fields were added. The " garden city " Eichenau is a place of high quality of living due to the generous green character and the good infrastructure and today largely corresponds to the ideas designed from 1915 onwards.

Population development

Between 1988 and 2018, the municipality grew from 9,905 to 11,894 by 1,989 inhabitants or 20.1%.


Town Hall

Municipal council

Members: 24 + 1st Mayor Peter Münster (FDP)

Legislative period: 2020 to 2026

The distribution of seats in the municipal council
year CSU SPD Green FW FDP stepped out total WB
2020 7th 4th 7th 4th 2 0 24 59.0
[0]2014 8th 5 4th 5 1 [0]1 24 52.7%
2008 10 5 3 4th 1 1 24 59.0%
2002 12 8th n / A 3 1 0 24 60.1%
1996 9 6th 2 4th 1 [0]2 24 62.6%
1990 8th 7th [00]1 3 1 n / A 20th 69.3%
WB = voter turnout

A non-attached member as of 2010.

Friedenskirche Eichenau Summer Festival 2008, 1st Bgm Hubert Jung (left) and 2nd Bgm Gabi Riehl (right)

Advisory boards: youth advisory board, environmental advisory board

District council

Eichenau was represented by six people in the district assembly of the Fürstenfeldbruck district from 2014 to 2020 (as of 2019): Ulrich Bode (FDP), Gabi Riehl (SPD), Herbert Kränzlein (SPD), Hubert Jung (CSU) and Rike Schiele (Bündnis 90 / The Greens), Bernd Heilmeier (Free Voters). From 2020: Rike Schiele (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), Ulrich Bode (FDP).

List of mayors since independence in 1957

  • Hans Kraus (1898–1965), October 9, 1955 to February 13, 1965
  • Alois Handelshauser (1913–1968), May 14, 1965 to May 22, 1968
  • Alfred Rehm (1922–2006), September 1, 1968 to August 31, 1980
  • Sebastian Niedermeier ( SPD member until 1997; from 1998 with the FW ) (* 1944), September 1, 1980 to June 22, 1998
  • Hubert Jung ( CSU ) (* 1953), September 1, 1998 to August 31, 2016
  • Peter Münster ( FDP ) (* 1966), since September 1, 2016

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Eichenau
Blazon : "A stylized green oak in silver on a green floor."

Coat of arms since 1959

Community partnerships


From 1918 to 1958 the cultivation of peppermint was of great economic importance. The only peppermint museum in Germany still bears witness to this today . From 1972 to 2017 was Eichenau site of the first major distribution warehouse and headquarters of the foundations of ALDI Süd ( Siepmann Family Foundation , Oertl Foundation , formerly Maria Albrecht Foundation and Elisen Foundation ). The warehouse was then occupied by the Transgourmet Germany company . Over 100 companies from a wide range of industries are represented in the three expansion stages of the 14 hectare industrial park in the south of the municipality. Smaller craft businesses in the automotive industry and service providers dominate.

Resident companies (selection)

Commuter community

Eichenau is a commuter community with relatively few people who are subject to social insurance contributions . Since 1999, their number increased from 1114 to 1535 in 2009, and slowly but steadily increased to 4,333 by 2017. Only 350 employees worked at the place of residence in 2009; in 2017 there were 1587. The 1185 in- commuters (2009) were compared to 3391 out- commuters , 1891 of them to Munich. Of the 11,893 inhabitants (2009) only 3741 (2009) were employed subject to social security contributions, i. H. a large part of the population are self-employed and civil servants.


power supply

The network operator has been KommEnergie GmbH since April 1, 2008 . It has around 28,200 customers and takes on the planning, expansion and operation of the supply systems, including street lighting, for the three participating municipalities of Eichenau, Puchheim and Gröbenzell . In addition to Bayernwerk AG (formerly E.ON Bayern AG), the municipalities together own 33% of the share capital.

Water and sewage

In 1960 the Amperverband was founded. It includes the large district town of Germering, the cities of Olching and Puchheim and the communities of Alling, Eichenau, Gauting, Gilching, Groebenzell, Maisach and Weßling. The wastewater from more than 150,000 inhabitants as well as another 30,000 population equivalents from trade and industry of the association members are collected, diverted and cleaned in the central sewage treatment plant in Olching / Geiselbullach using the latest technology . The headquarters of the association is in Eichenau, but is to be relocated to Olching. He is one of the big local employers.

Residential buildings and apartments

The place is dominated by single houses (2799), double houses (680) and row houses . The number of residential buildings increased from 3060 to 3382 between 1999 and 2009. In 2009 there were 5316 households. The apartment occupancy is 2.3 E / W with a slightly falling tendency.


Reception building of the Eichenau stop

Eichenau is located on the Munich – Lindau railway line and has its own stop on the S4 (formerly S8) line of the Munich Transport Association's S-Bahn network. The regional bus routes 824, 841 and 842 also operate in the village. The connection to Olching is secured with the lines 833 and 834, to Emmering and Fürstenfeldbruck with the line 844. The state road St 2069 runs through the town in a wide arc from the municipality border with Olching in the north to Bundesstraße 2 in the south. It is heavily polluted by commuter traffic and delivery traffic between the many commercial areas in the area. The fastest route to the A 99 is via the Germering connection . The gated level crossing at the intersection between St 2069 and the railway line was replaced by an underpass in 2001.


  • The Catholic parish church of the Holy Guardian Angels, built in 1926 by the Munich architect Franz Xaver Huf in the town center . The building, in the neo-baroque style, shows the typical village-Upper Bavarian construction with an onion dome . The sacred building was renovated in 1966/67 and for the 50th anniversary in 1976.
Rectory, church, school
postcard around 1930
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Peace for the communities of Eichenau and Alling was built in 1970. The organ by the Eichenau master organ builder Christof Kaps is noteworthy.
  • St. George's Chapel, hidden on a wooded hill on the outskirts of the village . Although it is located in the municipality of the neighboring municipality of Emmering , it belongs to the Eichenau church district. The first documentary mention of the sacred building is dated to 1524. It contains a cycle of Gothic wall paintings uncovered in 1911, which are among the most important in Upper Bavaria. The chapel was built on the Roggenstein castle stable .
  • Gut Roggenstein: The old Meierhof below the St. George Chapel remained in the possession of the Fürstenfeld Monastery until 1803. Due to the secularization, the ownership of the monastery then passed to the Bavarian state, which sold the entire property, including the Meierhof Roggenstein, to the North Bohemian manufacturer Ignaz Leitenberger, from whom it was hoped that he would revive the structurally weak area by setting up a calico factory. In 1817 Leitenberger sold the property back to the Bavarian state. The Roggenstein dairy became a military foal farm that was subordinate to the Remontedepot. In the 19th century, the simple residential and farm buildings that are now under monument protection were built on the other side of the railway in Unterroggenstein. After the First World War, the Wittelsbach Compensation Fund entered into the ownership rights. Since 1943, the estate has been in state ownership again and is affiliated with the Institute for Arable and Plant Production at the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan. After the turn of the millennium, the state experimental farm hit the headlines several times when several attacks were carried out on fields with genetically modified crops.
  • The peppermint museum in the former community library , next to the elementary and middle school Starzelbachschule, recalls the time until the 1950s when Eichenau was a growing area for this medicinal plant. Today only peppermint is grown in the community for museum needs. In addition, there are changing special exhibitions on local history.
    Mural by Michael Lutz in the Starzelbach School
  • Cast of the bronze figure "Turtle with Child" by Ignatius Taschner in front of the nursing home near the S-Bahn station. The artist's legacy is administered by the grandson in Eichenau.

Architectural monuments

Sights in and around Eichenau

Soil monuments

See: List of soil monuments in Eichenau

Social facilities

  • Neighborhood Aid Social Service Eichenau eV
  • Elderly and Nursing Association of the Catholic Church
  • Readiness of the Bavarian Red Cross in the fire station, Tannenstrasse
  • Community youth center, Schulstrasse.
    Youth Center Eichenau Germany Schulstrasse Extension to Building 2 of the school complex
  • Care center of the Inner Mission Munich Ev. Care center Eichenau


Elementary schools

  • Josef-Dering-Grundschule (formerly Schule Mitte ), Schulstrasse, after-school care center in the old school building, there also lunchtime supervision by the AWO Eichenau; since 2011 with its own development association
  • Starzelbachschule Primary School Eichenau (formerly School South ), community after-school care center Butterfly Cave South integrated in the school, AWO pupil lunch care integrated in the school, with its own Starzelbach School Eichenau eV support association,

Middle school

Starzelbachschule Middle School Eichenau, with its own development association Starzelbachschule Eichenau eV, in the middle school network with Gröbenzell, Puchheim and Olching.

Artwork by Brigitte Storch in front of the Starzelbach School

Partnership clubs

  • FranceFranceGerman-French Circle of Friends Eichenau eV DFFE eV
  • ItalyItalyAmici d`Italia, German-Italian Circle of Friends eV Amici d'Italia
  • UkraineUkraineFreundeskreis Wischgorod eV


In Eichenau there is a wide range of leisure activities. There is a bathing area with a lawn, beach volleyball court , water watch station and a skate park , which consists of a half pipe, quarter pipe, trick box and rail.

Another leisure area is located on Budrioallee , where there are 2 other beach volleyball courts, a street basketball court , a small football field, a cross-generational fitness course, a large tennis facility of the TC Eichenau with 3 indoor courts and 10 outdoor courts, a multi-gym and several large soccer fields. The Eichenauer Sportverein eV was founded in 1926 and (as of 2011) has 1,400 members in 9 departments. The footballers are organized with their own club house in FC Eichenau. The Eichenau eV tennis club is also located there

In the school south there is a shooting club called "Immergrün Eichenau", the first club in Eichenau. The Eichenauer See is about 1 hectare in size. There are sports areas and a summer curling alley run by FC Eichenau.


Personalities associated with Eichenau


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  • Fürstenfeldbruck district office: The Fürstenfeldbruck district - nature, history, culture . Fürstenfeldbruck 1992.

Web links

Commons : Eichenau  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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