Holzkirchen (Upper Bavaria)

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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Holzkirchen market
Holzkirchen (Upper Bavaria)
Map of Germany, position of the Holzkirchen market highlighted

Coordinates: 47 ° 53 '  N , 11 ° 42'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Bavaria
County : Miesbach
Height : 691 m above sea level NHN
Area : 48.24 km 2
Residents: 16,640 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 345 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 83607
Area code : 08024
License plate : MB
Community key : 09 1 82 120
Market structure: 36 parts of the community

Market administration address :
Marktplatz 2
83607 Holzkirchen
Website : www.holzkirchen.de
Mayor : Christoph Schmid ( CSU )
Location of the Holzkirchen market in the Miesbach district
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Tölzer Strasse in Holzkirchen

Holzkirchen is a market in the Upper Bavarian district of Miesbach . Holzkirchen is the most populous and economically strongest municipality in the district.



The community is located about 30 kilometers south of the state capital Munich and about 20 kilometers north of the Tegernsee and the spa town of Bad Tölz .

Community structure

There are 36 officially named parts of the municipality (the type of settlement is given in brackets ):


Until the 19th century

The Holzkirchen area was already settled in the Early Bronze Age (1800–150 BC), as some finds of copper ring bars show. During the Roman era , two Roman roads crossed ( Augsburg - Salzburg and Freising - Achensee ). Holzkirchen was first referred to as a market in 1286. In 1857 the first railway line (Munich - Holzkirchen - Rosenheim ) was opened.

20th century

During the Second World War , Holzkirchen suffered little damage despite its importance for rail traffic. Even a battle for the place against the advancing Allies in 1945 could be prevented by careful action of some community citizens. In contrast, shortly after the end of the war, 16 mostly Eastern European forced laborers fell victim to methanol poisoning .


On May 1, 1978 were part of the municipal reform until then independent municipality Großhartpenning and parts of the territory incorporated the dissolved municipality Föching.

Population development

Between 1988 and 2018 the market grew from 11,395 to 16,581 by 5,186 inhabitants or 45.5%.


Turnout: 61.65% (2014: 56.3%)
(-4.7  % p )
(+ 10.7  % p )
(-4.4  % p )
( n.k. )
(-4.5  % p )


The past local elections resulted in the following allocation of seats in the market council :

Old and new town hall with a fountain
Party / list 2014 2020
CSU 9 8th
GREEN 4th 6th
FW / FWG 6th 5
SPD 5 4th
FDP - 1
total 24 24

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Holzkirchen
Blazon : "In red on green ground a silver church with a saddle tower and blue roof, on both sides and above the nave of the church a green fir tree."


Holzkirchen is on the Autobahn 8 (junction Holzkirchen / AS-No. 97). The federal highways 13 and 318 cross in Holzkirchen. The market is located around 42 kilometers west of Rosenheim , 18 kilometers from Bad Tölz and Miesbach and 30 kilometers south of the state capital Munich .

A northern bypass between the B 13 and B 318 was opened to traffic on December 18, 2009. The western section of this new county road was completed in October 2007.


With the Munich – Holzkirchen railway and the Munich Ost – Deisenhofen railway, the Holzkirchen transport hub has good transport links to Munich (including the S-Bahn connection (line S 3 every 20 minutes)). The Holzkirchen – Lenggries railway line and the connection towards Schliersee are operated by the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB) every hour and offer direct connections to Tegernsee , Lenggries and Bayrischzell . On the Mangfallbahn to Rosenheim there have been hourly connections via Bad Aibling with the Meridian from Transdev (previously DB ) since December 2013 . On weekdays, nine meridian sets run continuously between Rosenheim via Holzkirchen and Munich main station .

S3 Mammendorf - Malching - Maisach - Gernlinden - Esting - Olching - Gröbenzell - Lochhausen - Langwied - Pasing  - Laim  - Hirschgarten  - Donnersbergerbrücke  - Hackerbrücke  - Hauptbahnhof  - Karlsplatz (Stachus)  - Marienplatz  - Isartor  - Rosenheimer Platz  - Ostbahnhof  - St.-Martin-Straße - Giesing  - Fasangarten - Fasanenpark - Unterhaching  - Taufkirchen  - Furth  - Deisenhofen  - Sauerlach  - Otterfing  - Holzkirchen 20-minute intervals


The following regional and city bus lines of the Upper Bavaria bus and the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV) stop at the train station or the central bus station .

line designation course
9001 Upper Bavaria bus Local traffic Holzkirchen, lines 1–6
9553 Upper Bavaria bus Holzkirchen (Upper Bavaria) - Sachsenkam - Schaftlach - Waakirchen - Reichersbeuern - Bad Tölz - Obergries - Lenggries
9561 Upper Bavaria bus Holzkirchen (Upper Bavaria) - Valley - Weyarn - Miesbach - Hausham - Schliersee
9566 Upper Bavaria bus Holzkirchen (Upper Bavaria) - Warngau - Gmund - Tegernsee
9567 Upper Bavaria bus Holzkirchen (Upper Bavaria) - Warngau - Miesbach
9568 Upper Bavaria bus Holzkirchen (Upper Bavaria) - Otterfing - Dietramszell - Bad Tölz


Around 1,600 traders are based in Holzkirchen. In addition to numerous medium-sized companies, Sandoz ( Hexal ), Panasonic Electric Works Europe and Panasonic Electric Works Germany (now relocated to Ottobrunn ) as well as the label manufacturer CCL Label GmbH , a subsidiary of CCL Industries , have their headquarters here. Veolia Verkehr has its headquarters in southern Germany in the market. Bosch Engineering also has an important branch office , which has announced the establishment of a development center with up to 40,000 m² at the Holzkirchen location.

The Holzkirchner Oberbräu is the last remaining of the five former Holzkirchen breweries and is now part of König Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG of the Kaltenberg Castle Brewery .

Between 1958 and 1988 Friedrich Deckel AG ran a machine tool factory in Holzkirchen. The factory halls were demolished after the company withdrew. A shopping center with around 7,000 square meters of retail space was built in its place (Holzkirchen shopping paradise; HEP for short).

A decision by the municipal council to lower the trade tax rate by a third caused national interest . In a press conference, Mayor Höß and the Bavarian Prime Minister Stoiber described Holzkirchen as “ Bavaria's Monaco ”. The reason for the tax cut was to persuade the pharmaceutical company Sandoz to move its new headquarters to the community after the merger with Hexal. The establishment of the Sandoz headquarters in Holzkirchen took place because this was a condition of the Hexal owners, the Strüngmann brothers, in the sales contract to Sandoz, and not because of the reduction in business tax.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP , which exists as a branch office on site, is known nationwide, although it is already in the municipality of Valley .


Despite its size, Holzkirchen does not have a long tradition as an important school location. Up until the turn of the millennium there was only elementary and secondary school and the private business school Pasold-Weißauer.

Since the turn of the millennium, the district and the market have been developing the location into a regional educational center. Another public elementary school and a state secondary school were added. The elementary and secondary school, which was completed in 2005 and designed by the architects “Rheinpark”, attaches great importance to energy efficiency, which is achieved, among other things, by the meadow roof.

Gymnasium and FOS

Since the 2009/10 school year, the town has had a state vocational secondary school with the fields of economics ( FOS ) and social affairs (FOS), and technology (FOS) will be taught from the 2014/15 school year. A state high school with a science, technology and economics branch also started teaching in the 2014/15 school year. A new campus was built on the northern bypass for the FOS and grammar school. There is also a private primary school with an attached grammar school in town.


Roman Catholic

There are 4 churches in the parish association of Holzkirchen (Holzkirchen - Föching - Hartpenning):

  • St. Laurentius (wooden churches, market square)
  • St. Josef (Holzkirchen, St.-Josef-Straße): The previous building, built in 1962, had to be closed in November 2011 due to static defects in the roof construction, the church was profaned on June 24, 2012 and demolished in late summer 2014 - only the separately standing bell tower remained. For the successor building (wooden structure) with 400 seats, an architectural competition was held, the winner was Eberhard Wimmer . Construction began in October 2015, the foundation stone was laid on March 18, 2016, and construction was completed at the end of 2017. The costs for the new building amount to 10.63 million euros. The inauguration by Reinhard Cardinal Marx was on March 18, 2018.
  • St. Johann Baptist (Föching)
  • Visitation of the Virgin Mary (Hartpenning)

Evangelical Lutheran

After modest beginnings as early as the Reformation, the first Protestant service in Holzkirchen was held in 1878 at the Aberghof in Föching. In December 1898 the prayer room on Haidstrasse was inaugurated, which later became the Apostle Thomas Church. She served the Evangelical Luth for exactly 100 years. Parish as a place of worship. The new Blessing Church was inaugurated on December 20, 1998, followed by the St. Thomas House, which was created from the former rectory and Apostle Thomas Church in 2008. The ensemble of church, community rooms and kindergarten was complete. The Evang.-Luth. In addition to the main town and namesake Holzkirchen, the parish also includes the political communities Otterfing, Sauerlach, Valley, Warngau and parts of Dietramszell and Egling. It has around 4900 members, around 2500 of them in Holzkirchen. The parish has the management of the Protestant integration kindergarten Hollerbusch.

Pentecostal Church

Since 2007 there has been a Free Church Pentecostal Congregation of the Federation of Free Church Pentecostal Congregations in Holzkirchen . In December 2009 the business premises of the former Löwen pharmacy in Tölzer Strasse were put into operation after extensive renovation work. In addition to a weekly church service, the Pentecostal church offers participation in house groups and youth meetings.


The soccer department of TuS Holzkirchen plays in the Landesliga Südost . From 2017 to 2019 you competed in the Bayernliga Süd . The home games are played in the Haidstraße sports complex in Holzkirchen.

Green Center Holzkirchen

Green center

The Green Center Holzkirchen , built by the Bavarian Farmers' Association (BBV) for 13 million euros, was inaugurated in March 2015. The building is an energy-saving passive house . It is heated by a heat pump heater that uses geothermal energy as a heat source . The geothermal energy is obtained from 22 geothermal probes with a depth of up to 100 meters. In the building are represented:

Geothermal energy

Drilling site in April 2016

In the east of the market (on the B 318 ) a geothermal power plant was built by the communal municipal utilities. On April 30, 2015, the local council decided with a majority of 17 to 8 votes in favor of the implementation of the project, which had been developed since 2006. After the construction site had been cleared , two guide pipes (each 50 m long, 66 cm in diameter, 10 tons in weight) were concreted in at the starting points for the two deep boreholes of the geothermal doublet, 7.5 meters apart. On St. Barbara's Day (December 4, 2015) the drilling site was inaugurated with an ecumenical service. The 57 meter high derrick was erected on January 14, 2016 . The start of drilling with chisel consecration took place on January 28, 2016 in the presence of the Minister of State Ilse Aigner . The deep drilling work took place around the clock. Each borehole was drilled in five sections, which taper with increasing depth from 58.4 cm (surface) to 15.5 cm (from approx. 4800 m depth). The drill bit was deflected to the northeast in the first hole and to the west in the second hole by a directional drilling system . Geological-technical problems (drilling into a gas bubble / jammed piping and stuck drill rods) delayed the drilling work by several months. At the beginning of April 2017, the drilling and test work on both deep boreholes was completed and the derrick was dismantled. The second borehole is the deepest and longest geothermal borehole in Germany with a length of 6084 m to approx. 5100 m depth, which also delivers the hottest thermal water in the foothills of the Alps at well over 150 ° C. First of all, in December 2018, the newly built heating center and the district heating network were connected to the geothermal system. The commissioning of the power plant for electricity generation then took place in July 2019, the official inauguration of the entire geothermal system finally on November 16, 2019. Approx. 3.5 MW of electrical power is generated geothermally in the power plant.


The “Holzkirchner Merkur”, a local edition of the Münchner Merkur, appears as the local daily newspaper . In addition, the advertising paper “The Yellow Sheet” appears twice a week, which also contains articles and news. The local edition "Holzkirchner SZ" of the Süddeutsche Zeitung was discontinued by the publisher in 2004 for cost reasons along with other local editions.

The local radio broadcaster Radio Alpenwelle , whose broadcasting area includes the districts of Miesbach and Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen , was founded in 1991 on the premises of “Studio 1 Holzkirchen” (“o-tv”), at that time under the name of “studio1FM”.

The local television station "o-tv" existed until the end of 2002 (as "Studio 1 - Holzkirchen" now on youtube), which distributed its program with news and entertainment content over the cable network throughout the Bavarian Oberland .

In the press is Holzkirchen u. a. become known in connection with the neighboring community Valley located and now disused great transmitter of Radio Free Europe on shortwave and medium wave .

The “Holzkirchen Voice” is available as a free internet newspaper.

Architectural monuments


Honorary citizen

  • Alois Burgstaller (1871–1945), chamber singer
  • Joseph Marxbauer, former mayor (conferred on May 1, 1916)
  • Oskar von Miller (1855–1934), civil engineer and founder of the Deutsches Museum (awarded on November 16, 1919)
  • Eugen Zeheter, teacher (awarded in 1927)
  • Spiritual Council Dean Josef Imminger (conferred on March 24, 1954)
  • Otto Mair, former mayor (awarded on April 30, 1978)
  • Spiritual Councilor Pastor Josef Straßer (conferred on September 20, 1984)
  • Ludwig Artmann, City Council Member (awarded on April 27, 2002)

First Mayor

  • Christoph Schmid (since 2020) CSU
  • Olaf von Löwis of Menar (2014–2020) CSU
  • Josef Höß (2002-2014) CSU
  • Manfred Glanz (1990-2002) CSU
  • Albert Seiler (1978–1990) SPD
  • Otto Mair (1960–1978) CSU
  • Franz Obermayer (1952–1960) SPD
  • Joseph Marxbauer (1888–1889 and 1906–1916)

Sons and Daughters of the Market

Other personalities

  • Victor Kaluza (1896–1974), teacher and writer for young people and non-fiction; lived in Holzkirchen from 1948 to 1974. After him was Victor-Kaluza-street named.
  • Martin Erhard (1918–2017), trade unionist and politician (SPD); Chairman of the local association and member of the municipality council of Holzkirchen, MdL
  • Ulrich König (* 1949), director (e.g. Pumuckl , television series)

Web links

Commons : Holzkirchen (Oberbayern)  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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