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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Eching
Eching (Freising district)
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Eching highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 18 '  N , 11 ° 37'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Bavaria
County : Freising
Height : 469 m above sea level NHN
Area : 37.31 km 2
Residents: 14,015 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 376 inhabitants per km 2
Postcodes : 85386, 85716
Primaries : 089, 08165, 08133
License plate : FS
Community key : 09 1 78 120
Community structure: 7 parts of the community
Address of the
municipal administration:
Fürholzener Strasse 14
85386 Eching
Website :
Mayor : Sebastian Thaler (independent)
Location of the municipality of Eching in the Freising district
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Eching is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Freising .


The community is located on the S-Bahn line 1 and on the A 9 and A 92 motorways . The municipal area extends on the Munich gravel plain from the western bank of the Isar in the district of Dietersheim to the foothills of the tertiary Danube-Isar hill country in the district of Günzenhausen.

Parish parts

The municipality has seven officially named municipality parts (the type of settlement is given in brackets ):

There is no officially named community part at the poultry farm. The part of Hollern west of the B 13 has been part of the municipality or district of Unterschleißheim since 1990 .

Neighboring communities

The municipality borders in the northeast on the municipality of Neufahrn bei Freising , in the northwest on Haimhausen and Fahrenzhausen , in the west on Unterschleißheim , in the southwest on Oberschleißheim , in the south on Garching and in the east on Hallbergmoos .


Until the church is planted

The place name "Eching" probably goes back to a Bavarian noble or clan elder named "Ecco" or "Echo", also spelled "Eho" on various occasions, and other sources say that this is an old name for a horse breeder. In the year 773 or 776 Eching is called "Ehingas". In 1567 the place is called "Egen". A little later, in 1595, one writes Öching. Another document from 1601 speaks of "Oeching auf'm G'füll". It is not known how long the name "Oeching auf'm G'füll" stayed. However, after the Thirty Years' War the place was called Eching. Later Eching was officially called "Eching bei Freising".

"Ehingas" was first mentioned in a document in 773 in a deed of donation from the Bishop of Freising . For centuries Eching belonged to the closed Hofmark Ottenburg . Eching became an independent political municipality in the course of the administrative reforms in Bavaria in 1818.

20th and 21st centuries

With the construction of the autobahn from 1936 to 1938, a change began from what had been a rural structure up until then.

The joint establishment of an industrial area between Eching and Neufahrn and the connection to the state capital Munich by the S-Bahn have turned the community into a modern suburban community. In 2002 Eching was a crime scene during the rampage in Eching and Freising .


In the course of the regional reform on January 1, 1978, the greater part of the dissolved community of Günzenhausen (near Eching) was incorporated.

Population development

Between 1988 and 2018 the community grew from 10,040 to 14,010 by 3,970 inhabitants or 39.5%.

year Residents
Dec. 1, 1840 680
Dec. 1, 1871 828
Dec. 1, 1900 1,049
June 16, 1925 1,093
May 17, 1939 1,420
Sept 13, 1950 2.211
June 6, 1961 2,764
May 27, 1970 5,155
May 25, 1987 9,293
Dec 31, 1991 10,419
year Residents
Dec 31, 1995 11.204
Dec. 31, 2000 12,729
Dec 31, 2001 12,923
Dec 31, 2002 12,896
Dec 31, 2003 12,841
Dec 31, 2004 12,770
Dec 31, 2005 12,898
Dec 31, 2006 13,052
Dec 31, 2007 13,077
Dec 31, 2008 12,929
year Residents
Dec 31, 2009 13,104
Dec 31, 2010 13,275
Dec 31, 2011 13,469
Dec 31, 2012 13,225
Dec 31, 2013 13,415
Dec 31, 2014 13,403
Dec 31, 2015 13,809
December 31, 2016 13,640

Population composition

Distribution according to parts of the municipality (as of December 31, 2008)

Part of the community Residents 2008 Population 2007 Residents 2006
Eching 11,072 10,770 11,035
Dietersheim 1,249 1,434 1,391
Gunzenhausen 852 859 884
Ottenburg 168 175 173
Deuthausen 216 214 236
Hollern 138 190
Eching-Ost 52 61


City council election 2014
Gains and losses
compared to 2008
 % p
-6.2  % p
+ 10.5  % p
-6.5  % p
-9.2  % p
+ 12.2  % p
+5.0  % p
-4.2  % p

Municipal council

City council election 2020
BfE / EM / ödp e
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
-4.1  % p
+ 10.9  % p
-1.5  % p
-1.8  % p
-5.9  % p
+ 2.6  % p
BfE / EM / ödp e
Template: election chart / maintenance / notes
e citizens for Eching / Echinger Mitte / ödp

The local elections in 2002, 2008 , 2014 and 2020 led to the following allocation of seats in the local council . Since May 2014, seven parties and groups have belonged to the local council :

Party / group of voters 2002 2008 2014 2020
CSU 12 9 8th 6th
SPD 8th 8th 5 5
Green - - 2 5
Free voters 4th 6th 5 4th
FDP - 1 - 1
Echinger middle - - 1 1
Citizens for Eching - - 3 2
total 24 24 24 24

The percentage was voted as follows:

Party / group of voters 2002 2008 2014 2020
CSU 49.5 37.9 31.7 27.6
SPD 31.8 30.8 21.6 19.8
Green - - 8.9 19.8
Non-party voters 18.7 25.2 18.7 17.2
FDP - 6.0 1.8 4.4
Echinger middle - - 5.0 -
Citizens for Eching - - 12.2 -
BfE / Echinger Mitte / ödp - - - 11.3
total 100 100 100 100

Echinger Mitte and Bürger für Eching form the joint BfE / EM / ödp faction in the municipal council.


From 1998 to 2016 Josef Riemensberger (CSU) was first mayor. He did not run for the mayoral election in 2016. Sebastian Thaler has been in office since September 1, 2016 (non-party, on the election proposal of the SPD), who won the election in July 2016 with 62.1% of the votes against the third mayor Thomas Kellerbauer (CSU).

Term of office First Mayor Political party
Since 2016 Sebastian Thaler independent
1998-2016 Josef Riemensberger CSU
1992-1998 Rolf Lösch SPD
1972-1992 Joachim Enßlin SPD
1966-1972 Michael Liedl CSU
1946-1966 Paul Käsmaier CSU

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Eching
Blazon : “Divided by gold and blue; above a red crowned moor's head, below a floating golden St. Andrew's cross between two golden flowers. "

The coat of arms shows the Freising Mohr and a St. Andrew's cross flanked by heather flowers . In 1311 Eching became the Hochmark of the Hochstift Freising , and therefore bears the Mohren in the coat of arms, the St. Andrew's cross refers to the original parish of St. Andreas, the flowers indicate the nature reserve Garchinger Heide . Eching has had the coat of arms since 1967.

Town twinning

Partner communities are:

North Alliance

Eching is a member of the North Alliance - Munich North Metropolitan Region .

Culture and sights

The Bürgerhaus Eching is one of the most important event locations in the community, there is a cabaret stage and exhibition rooms.

Architectural monuments


There are several clubs that strive for the fitness of the Echingers. The Eching e. V. , with its twelve departments and 1380 members, including 600 young people (October 2005), is the sixth largest sports club in the Freising district. The club is divided into the departments of karate, judo, tennis, chess, table tennis, baseball, handball, ballet, basketball, volleyball, badminton and physical exercise.

The TSV Eching is established in 1947 Football Club and has 813 members, of which 293 young people (early 2004). The TSV has a sports facility with four soccer fields and a sports center that is also a public restaurant. Other clubs with sporting objectives are z. B. the German Alpine Club - local club Eching / Neufahrn , the riding club Gut Hollern and the lady sports club .

Nature and relaxation

The Echinger See (also: Ellwanger See ) is a swimming lake in the municipality of Eching. The lake was originally a quarry pond that was created as a result of gravel extraction in the 1960s. In the 1980s, this was expanded to include lawns, walking paths and areas for quiet relaxation to the bathing lake. The lake is a maximum of 17 m deep and its shore is about 1.7 km long. The recreation area is approximately 33 hectares (ha), of which the lake comprises 12.6 hectares. The lawns have an area of ​​7.0 hectares. The area offers beach volleyball courts , table tennis courts , sand playgrounds and circular hiking trails . It is also located near the communal leisure area. There is also a small biotope in the south of the swimming lake .

A sales kiosk with a small beer garden takes care of the physical well-being . With two parking spaces and around 800 parking spaces, there is enough parking space. Public toilets are available during the bathing season (from May 15th to September 15th each year).

There are several gravel bathing lakes between Eching and Hollern, which have been developed into a local recreation area since 2009 under the sponsorship of the Erholungsflächenverein (district of Munich). A total area of ​​90 ha is planned, with the Hollerner See , the largest bathing lake, taking up an area of ​​28 ha.

In the area of ​​the municipality of Eching there are several nature reserves: Garchinger Heide , Echinger Lohe and Mallertshofer Holz mit Heiden (since 1995; extends to the area of Garching and Oberschleißheim in the district of Munich )


The Brass Wiesn festival has been taking place on the leisure area at Baggersee annually since 2013 .

Economy and Infrastructure


The community is located south of the A 9 / A 92 motorway junction and can be reached via the Eching (A 9) and Eching-Ost (A 92) exits . The federal highway 13 as well as the busy state roads 2053 and 2350 (former federal highway 11 ) also run through the municipal area.

Eching is located on the Munich - Landshut railway line, which opened in November 1858, but was only given its own stop on August 1, 1890. The station facilities initially only consisted of the stationman's house at the road crossing to Günzenhausen and two car bodies that were placed on pillars and served as a freight hall. An operating room was built in 1892 and a second track in 1893. In 1934 a station building was built by what was then the Reichsbahn, which was replaced in 1959 by a new building and a general cargo hall. As early as 1960, the general cargo handling (which previously processed up to 1200 shipments per month) was closed. With the establishment of the S-Bahn in the early 1970s, the platforms were moved to the north and the road crossing was replaced by a pedestrian underpass.

Today Eching is connected to the state capital of Munich , the district town of Freising and the Munich airport by the S-Bahn line  1 of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association. The S1 takes about 30 minutes from Munich main station (direction Freising / Flughafen) to Eching station and runs between Munich and the airport every 20 minutes during the day.

The southeastern part of municipality Dietersheim is through two bus lines with Eching, Freising and about 2 km from Garching-Forschungszentrum the underground München connected. In Eching, there are further MVV regional bus routes to the neighboring municipal areas.

Established businesses

Joint industrial area Eching / Neufahrn in Eching-Ost

A total of 1544 companies are located in the municipality of Eching.

Eching has several commercial and industrial areas. In the joint Eching / Neufahrn industrial area, STEAG operates a biomass cogeneration plant on behalf of the company. The headquarters of Alpine Germany are also located here . The BMW locations distributed in the north of Munich can also be found in Eching. DENSO established its German base in 1984. Medela Medizintechnik has its German headquarters and a logistics center in the Dietersheim industrial area, near the university campus. Eching is also known for its IKEA furniture store, which was founded in 1974 (the first in Germany). Over time, more and more furniture and furnishings stores have opened branches around IKEA. In addition to IKEA, there are POCO , Maisons du Monde, Roller , Mömax, KARE and several kitchen studios. Due to the resident companies, the proximity to the airport, the central location to all commercial areas in the north of Munich and the connection to two highways, Eching is also interesting from a logistical point of view (including Nippon Express , BMW / Schenker supply center). REWE operates its southern branch and a central warehouse in Eching, from which 600 supermarkets are supplied. Also Tengelmann is here with a bearing, are supplied from the 200 supermarkets, active. In addition to the factories of Wiegel Feuerverzinken, Bodycote and the headquarters of Sachtler, Eurolub, Böhm & Wiedemann Novexx Solution, Hunold and HEKUMA, the specialty stores hagebau and Adler-Modemarkt are particularly noticeable for consumers . In 2015 the AUDI Used Car: plus Center Munich opened in Eching. In addition to well-known companies with smaller offices in Eching, there are office buildings that are home to young and emerging companies. Until 1997, Schmidt Spiele was represented in Eching with its company headquarters and factory. The Kontron AG had its headquarters until 2013 in Eching. ATEC has had its headquarters in parts of the former Kontron building since May 2017.


  • The elementary school Eching was visited in the school year 2007/08, 628 students in 28 classes.
  • The Eching primary school on Nelkenstraße has been in operation since autumn 1999.
  • The secondary school in Eching started school operations in a container in autumn 2005 as an interim solution on Böhmerwaldstraße with the 5th grade. The foundation stone for the new building on Nelkenstrasse was laid on July 5, 2005. The new building has been completed since August 2006. The architects were Diezinger and Kramer from Eichstätt . The school was inaugurated on May 16, 2007 as the Imma Mack Realschule .
  • The Eching Music School is a public institution supported by the Eching municipality. She wants to familiarize children with the basic elements of music and recognize and promote musical talents at an early stage.
  • The Volkshochschule Eching offers a varied course program.
  • There are nine kindergartens in the Eching municipality.
  • There is a public library in the parish hall.

School history

Eching's first schoolhouse was built in 1883 at a cost of 12,000 marks, previously a classroom in neighboring Neufahrn had been used by Echen's children. The first teacher in Echinger was Georg Gstaltmayer from Moosburg. In March 1907, the local council decided to build a new school with now two rooms, the inauguration took place on October 21, 1907. The previous school building was sold to a bakery ("Kohlweiß", later "Bäckerei Steinbach"). In December 1951, a third teacher was hired for the first time, due to the lack of space with 160 children in three classes, the hall of the "Alten Wirt" was rented as an additional classroom in 1952 and a fourth teacher was hired. At the same time, an extension for the school building was built for 260,000 marks, so that from December 1957 six classrooms were available. From the 1969/70 school year, the Eching elementary school used a new school center on Danziger Strasse.

Development goals

Hollerner See - gravel extraction, June 2011

Hollerner See : One of the goals of the Eching community is the thermal baths at the “Hollerner See” local recreation area, where gravel is currently being extracted. A hotel and a large parking garage are to be built. However, this goal met with a lot of criticism, also from the neighboring community of Unterschleißheim . There was a referendum in Unterschleißheim, whereby the opponents of the project were able to prevail. Therefore, the chances for this project are bad, since the city of Unterschleißheim should supply the thermal water for the thermal baths. Now the local council wants to get thermal water from the city of Garching .

Bypass road : The local council is aiming for a bypass road around the district of Dietersheim. Preliminary investigations in the field of traffic and nature conservation have already been carried out. A joint implementation with the city of Garching is intended.

Bypass roads around the main town have been investigated and are not the destination of the community.

Honorary citizen

The following people have been given honorary citizenship due to their services to Eching:

  • Walburga Buchmeier
  • Erhard Engelhardt (1940–2018), former second mayor
  • Joachim Enßlin (Former Mayor and former Advisor to the President of Madagascar )
  • Hans Hanrieder
  • Elfriede Liebl
  • Sabine Palitzsch (formerly second mayor and founding member of VHS Eching)
  • Anton Reichlmair (long-time Catholic pastor)
  • Romeo Salvini


  • Georg Kollmannsberger: A local history of the places Eching Dietersheim Hollern - Published by the Eching municipal administration on the occasion of the 1200th anniversary. Eching 1973.

Web links

Commons : Eching  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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