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Coat of arms of the market in Pfeffenhausen
Map of Germany, position of the market in Pfeffenhausen highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 40 ′  N , 11 ° 58 ′  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Lower Bavaria
County : Landshut
Height : 436 m above sea level NHN
Area : 71.79 km 2
Residents: 5115 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 71 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 84076
Primaries : 08782, 08708, 08754
License plate : LA , MAY , MAL , ROL , VIB
Community key : 09 2 74 172
Market structure: 58 districts

Market administration address :
Marktplatz 3
84076 Pfeffenhausen
Website :
Mayor : Florian Hölzl ( CSU )
Location of the Pfeffenhausen market in the Landshut district
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View of Pfeffenhausen
Town center with the parish church of St. Martin
The town hall

Pfeffenhausen is a market in the Lower Bavarian district of Landshut and is located about 25 kilometers northwest of the city of Landshut .


Geographical location

Pfeffenhausen is located on the upper reaches of the Große Laber with its side valleys in the hill country of the eastern Hallertau . The headwaters of the Kleine Laber are located near the Egg district .

Community structure

Pfeffenhausen has 58 districts:

Neighboring communities

The neighboring communities of Pfeffenhausen are Hohenthann , Obersüßbach , Rottenburg ad Laaber and Weihmichl in the Landshut district and Attenhofen , Elsendorf , Volkenschwand and Wildenberg in the Kelheim district .


The mean annual rainfall is around 750 mm / year. There are around 130 days of precipitation and around 240 days of sunshine a year. There are around 25 days a year with at least 25 ° C.


Until the 18th century

Pfeffenhausen was probably founded in the 9th century. Around the year 857, the Counts of Ebersberg were wealthy in Pfeffenhausen. In documents first mentioned Pfeffenhusen in a foundation document for 1040, with the counts of Ebersberg seat Pfeffenhausen the monastery Ebersberg bequeathed. The name is derived from "Pfaffenhausen" (phaffe = clergyman, priest) in a country description from 1723, referring to the local coat of arms. Wolf-Armin von Reitzenstein , however, suspects in his lexicon of Bavarian place names that the personal name Beffo or Peffo should be considered as a defining word.

The Ebersberg monastery remained the landlord until around 1600. As early as 1000 the town of Neuhausen near Pfeffenhausen was delivering hops to the Sankt Emmeram monastery in Regensburg . The elevation to the market probably already took place in the 13th or at the latest in the 14th century. On the occasion of the start of work on the market fortification, Pfeffenhausen received its market coat of arms in 1401 . A document from 1486 deals with the fact that bricks are free of interest for the ring wall of the market.

From the 12th to the 16th century Pfeffenhausen headquarters was of the noble family of Pfeffenhausener. In a document from 1133, for example, a Berchthold von Pfeffenhausen appears as a witness in Biburg and Parin . When Ebran von Wildenberg handed over his court in 1305, a knight Siegfried von Pfeffenhausen sealed the seal. The most important family member was Konrad von Pfeffenhausen , who was temporarily Chancellor Duke Ludwig the Strict and was elected Bishop of Eichstätt on September 3, 1297 . He died in 1305.

In 1488 a Pfeffenhausen knight was chief judge in Straubing . The nobles von Pfeffenhausen had their own chapel and their own tomb in the Biburg Abbey . The aristocratic family of Pfeffenhausen died out in the 16th century.

Pfeffenhausen passed from Ebersberg Monastery as landlord to the Jesuit Monastery of St. Michael in Munich and in 1782 to the Order of the Knights of Malta . In the middle of the 18th century it was mentioned that Pfeffenhausen had the most beautiful type of country hops. Today's image of the market goes back to the reconstruction after a fire disaster in 1779.

19th to 21st century

In 1878 the first own hop seal order was introduced, and a year later Pfeffenhausen received the official hop seal right. On the occasion of the Federal Hop Show in Munich in 1951, Pfeffenhausener Seal Hops was awarded the winner's prize.

In 2003, Pfeffenhausen celebrated the 600th anniversary of the award of the market emblem.


On July 1, 1972, the previously independent community of Holzhausen was incorporated. On May 1, 1978, the communities Egg , Pfaffendorf (with Koppenwall incorporated in 1945 or 1946 ), Niederhornbach and Oberlauterbach and large parts of the dissolved community Rainertshausen were added.


According to the Bavarian State Office for Statistics , the population figures developed as follows on December 31 of each year:

was standing Residents
1960 4091
1970 4184
1980 4182
1990 4346
1995 4576
2000 4834
2005 4827
was standing Residents
2006 4817
2007 4794
2008 4777
2009 4751
2010 4732
2011 4716
2012 4704
was standing Residents
2013 4773
2014 4848
2015 4932
2016 4950
2017 5029
2018 5096
2019 5126

Since 1972, the year of the municipal reform, the population has increased by 943 people until 2019. This corresponds to a growth of 22.54 percent. In the last ten (five) years the population grew by 7.89 (5.73) percent.

Age structure of the population of Pfeffenhausen according to the 2011 census
Age Residents by age
younger than 18 18.5%
18 to 29 13.3%
30 to 49 29.4%
50 to 64 21.9%
older than 65 16.9%


Local election 2020
Turnout: 69.30%
(2014: 63.12%)
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
 % p
-0.94  % p
+ 4.99  % p
-6.72  % p
+ 2.67  % p.p.

Eight months after the end of the war , the first municipal elections (municipal council elections ) took place in the municipalities of Bavaria on January 27, 1946 . In April and May 1946 the first elections for mayors, district administrators and district assemblies followed. In 2006 the 60th anniversary was celebrated.

Markt Pfeffenhausen is a member of the following special-purpose associations:

  • Regional planning association Landshut
  • School Association Pfeffenhausen
  • Association for water supply Rottenburger Gruppe Pattendorf

The market administration provides 304 different official services.

Market council

The municipal council consists of 20 people and the first mayor. The body has had this size since the local elections in 2020 because the population limit of 5,000 was exceeded; previously only 16 people were represented on the body. According to the 2020 local elections (for comparison: 2014 local elections ) there are 16 (13) men and four (three) women.

It led to the following distribution of seats:

4,101 (3,853) citizens were eligible to vote in the municipal council elections. 2,842 (2,432) of them took part as voters, which corresponds to a turnout of 69.30 (63.12) percent.

The distribution of seats in the municipal council has developed as follows since 2002:

CSU SPD FW Green CSW / BUL * total
2002 7th 4th 4th n / A 1 16 seats
2008 6th 3 5 n / A 2 16 seats
2014 8th 2 5 1 n / A 16 seats
2020 9 2 7th 2 n / A 20 seats

* Christian-Social Voting Community / Citizens and Environment List. Started in 2002 as CSW (Christian-Social Voting Association).

The next local elections are expected to take place in March 2026.


Mayor is the former member of the state parliament Florian Hölzl ( CSU ). In the local elections in 2020, he received 62.19 percent of the vote in the first round and thus replaces Charles Scharf (CSU), who, in turn, the Office 2008 by Arno Wolf ( SPD took over).

Former mayor
Term of office mayor
until 2008 Arno Wolf
2008-2020 Karl Scharf

coat of arms

Official coat of arms description ( blazon )

Divided; Above the Bavarian diamonds, below in silver on a green three-mountain a gold-reinforced red bullfinch.

Coat of arms history

The bullfinch (Pfeff) speaks for the place name Pfeffenhausen. The diamonds refer to the local rule of the Bavarian dukes . The coat of arms is handed down in the oldest seal, known in impressions since 1412, in the semicircular shield within a three passport. The seal and coat of arms originally only showed the head of a bullfinch. The complete reproduction of the bird and the addition of a hill can be traced back to the Wening engraving (1721); in the 19th century the hill became a three-mountain . The coat of arms was given to the market in 1402 by Duke Heinrich the Rich of Niederbayern-Landshut . A copy of the coat of arms has been handed down in 1607, and because of the year of issue 1402 mentioned therein, it is the earliest known coat of arms privilege of a Bavarian duke.


Culture and sights

The parish church of St. Martin
The Klausenkirche


On the upper floor of the fire station there is a hunting museum , in which hunting trophies from different countries are exhibited. These trophies come from a private person from the community area who shot these exhibits himself for decades.


  • Parish Church of St. Martin , three-aisled hall church in neo-Gothic style, built in 1888. Tower substructure from the 14th or 15th century. Because of its size, the church is also known as the “Hallertau Cathedral”.
  • Pilgrimage Church to Our Lady ("Klausenkirche"), built in its current form in 1734. Since 1710, a pilgrimage to the Klausenberg has been documented.
  • Town hall on the lower market, built in 1867/68
  • 133 meter high telecommunications tower made of reinforced concrete by Telekom west of the Dirnberg district

Economy and Infrastructure

As a result of a corresponding assessment of the economic strength of the Pfeffenhausen market, the key allocations rose by 22.9 percent to EUR 1,191,420 in 2020 at EUR 969,232 for 2019.

Key assignments
in euros
Assignments to year
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Pfeffenhausen market 899.852 1,072,608 1,099,040 989.872 969.232 1,191,420

Broadband expansion

As part of the guideline for promoting the development of high-speed networks in the Free State of Bavaria of July 10, 2014, the municipalities have a funding amount of at least 500,000 euros and a maximum of 950,000 euros; for Pfeffenhausen this is up to 930,000 euros.

building and living

Standard land values ​​2011/12
District Residential
areas designated
building areas
building areas
Pfeffenhausen 95 € 95 € 40 € 6 €
Niederhornbach 65 € 65 € 6 €
Rainertshausen 55 € 55 € 6 €
Egglhausen € 60 € 60 6 €
Holzhausen € 60 € 60 30 € 6 €
Oberhornbach 50 € 6 €
Pfaffendorf 55 € 6 €
Oberlauterbach 65 € € 60 30 € 6 €
Koppenwall 30 € 6 €
Ludmannsdorf 30 € 6 €
Thonhausen 35 € 6 €
Tabakried 40 € 6 €


The market is easily accessible via the B 299 , as well as via the A 92 and A 93 (travel time 15 minutes each). The B 299 with its bypass leads past Pfeffenhausen to the west.

Pfeffenhausen is on the Landshut – Rottenburg railway line at km 20.2. The line has been closed and has since been dismantled from Unterneuhausen ( Weihmichl municipality ) to Rottenburg, i.e. also in the Pfeffenhausen municipality. There is a museum train service from Landshut to Untersteuhausen . The station building is still inhabited. The public transport was taken over by the bus number 6234 (Rottenburg-Landshut).

The Hallertau Hop Tour , a cycle path through the Hallertau, runs through the market.

Public facilities

In Pfeffenhausen there is a waste material collection point , a building yard , two libraries , a hunting museum and three kindergartens - the Nardini kindergarten, the St. Martin kindergarten and the forest kindergarten. There is also a sewage treatment plant in the market area , as well as the Pfeffenhausen elementary school and a sports facility. There is also a volunteer fire brigade in Pfeffenhausen , which was founded in 1866. In 2014, a retirement home and an assisted living facility were opened.


The Pfeffenhausen elementary school as well as the parish and community library are available for education, while three kindergartens are used for education.

There is an open all-day school (oGTS) at the primary school in Pfeffenhausen .


Pfeffenhausen has an extensive range of sports , with football, tennis, billiards, curling, gymnastics and other subordinates. The billiards club 73 Pfeffenhausen is considered particularly successful, the first team of which is represented in the Regionalliga Süd-Ost (Kombi), the third highest division in German pool , in the 2010/2011 season . In addition, the "BC 73" is active in youth work and currently provides a German vice youth champion in 8-ball , which meant the greatest success in the club's history. In addition, the youth players at the German championship brought two more bronze medals to Pfeffenhausen.


Clubs (selection)

  • Gymnastics Club Pfeffenhausen
  • Narrhalla eV Pfeffenhausen
  • Traditional costume association Pfeffenhausen
  • Altschützengesellschaft Pfeffenhausen
  • Social association VdK local association Pfeffenhausen
  • TC black / white Pfeffenhausen
  • Association for local history Pfeffenhausen u. Environment eV
  • VdK local association Pfeffenhausen
  • Pfeffenhausen stick shooting club
  • Boy Scout Association Weltenbummler eV Tribe Bullfinch

Web links

Commons : Pfeffenhausen  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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