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Real hop (Humulus lupulus), male plant

Real hop ( Humulus lupulus ), male plant

Nuclear eudicotyledons
Eurosiden I
Order : Rose-like (rosales)
Family : Hemp plants (Cannabaceae)
Genre : hop
Scientific name
Humulus lupulus

Hops ( Humulus ) is a genus of plants from the hemp family (Cannabaceae). All hop species are found in the northern hemisphere . The best-known representative of the genus is real hops , which is used to brew beer .


The Humulus species are fast - growing annual to perennial herbaceous climbing plants , which - viewed from above - wind clockwise , giving their name to the wind of creepers, which is called "hoppy" . So you belong, such as B. also the honeysuckle species, to the right-winding creeper. The stems and leaf stalks have stiff, two-armed stalked hair ( Klimmhäkchen ). The stems are coarse, six-ribbed to winged. The opposite, stalked leaves are more or less heart-shaped and usually three to seven, rarely up to nine lobes. There are stipules present.

Humulus species are dioeciously segregated ( dioecious ). The male flowers are arranged in loose, paniculate inflorescences . The female flowers are in cone-shaped, spiked zymous inflorescences. Their bracts enlarge after the flowering period. The nuts are broadly ovate, with the calyx still present.

Types and occurrences

The genus contains only three species :

  • The real hop ( Humulus lupulus L.) is a plant that flowers several times and can live up to fifty years. a. is used for brewing beer . Their several subspecies and numerous varieties occur in Eurasia and North America .
  • The Japanese hop ( Humulus scandens (Lour.) Merr., Syn . : Antidesma scandens Lour., Humulopsis scandens (Lour.) Grudzinskaja, Humulus japonicus Sieb. & Zucc.) This species is annual and is sometimes used as an ornamental plant in Europe. It is native to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam and in the USA it is considered a neophyte .
  • The Yunnan hop ( Humulus yunnanensis Hu): It is persistent and only known from the Chinese province of Yunnan .


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