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AVON from 1992

The official directory of area codes (abbreviation: "AVON" ) was the directory of telephone prefixes in Germany . It was published and edited by the Central Telecommunications Office in Darmstadt on behalf of the Deutsche Bundespost and later the Deutsche Telekom .

The AVON only appeared as a supplement to the telephone book when required . In addition to all German area codes, it contained a selection of international area codes . For some of these countries there were extensive free area code directories which could be ordered from the telecommunications office in Giessen .

historical development

AVON from 1970, only for the area codes 640 and 641 (Gießen, Grosse Buseck, Grosse Linden, Grünberg, Hungen, Laubach, Loch, Lollar, Londorf, Mücke and Rodhelm-Bieber)
Area codes in Germany, since June 1, 1992.

The local networks approved by every local network in the self-dialing service (SWFD) were included in an "Official Directory of Area Codes for Self-Dialing Remote Service " at the end of the 1960s: AVON , which was included in the official telephone book when it was issued or specially sent to the telephone subscribers. From this directory, the local networks of the Federal Republic approved for the SWFD and a selection of the locations abroad approved for the SWFD with the associated local area codes as well as country codes and the respective speaking time for a fee unit could be taken. At the beginning of the 1970s, the names of the local networks for which the AVON was valid was given on the front of the envelope; as a rule, these were the local networks of the area of ​​a node exchange . Later the AVON contained all local networks in the Federal Republic.

Until the 1990s, the AVON contained on the last cover page “Important information on precaution and self-help of the citizen - for self-protection” from the Federal Association for Self-Protection . The first all-German AVON after reunification appeared on the occasion of the renumbering of the new federal states on June 1, 1992.

The directory was last simply called "The Preselection Directory " and was last published in printed form in 2001. Internet search sites have served the purpose of this directory ever since.


Individual evidence

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