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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Obernzell market
Map of Germany, position of the Obernzell market highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 33 '  N , 13 ° 38'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Lower Bavaria
County : Passau
Height : 294 m above sea level NHN
Area : 18.2 km 2
Residents: 3763 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 207 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 94130
Area code : 08591
License plate : PA
Community key : 09 2 75 137
Market structure: 21 districts

Market administration address :
Marktplatz 42
94130 Obernzell
Website : www.obernzell.de
Mayor : Ludwig Prügl ( CSU )
Location of the Obernzell market in the Passau district
Landkreis Deggendorf Landkreis Rottal-Inn Landkreis Freyung-Grafenau Passau Witzmannsberg Windorf Wegscheid Vilshofen an der Donau Untergriesbach Tittling Tiefenbach (bei Passau) Thyrnau Tettenweis Sonnen Salzweg Ruhstorf an der Rott Ruderting Rotthalmünster Pocking Ortenburg Obernzell Neukirchen vorm Wald Neuhaus am Inn Neuburg am Inn Malching Kößlarn Kirchham (Landkreis Passau) Hutthurm Hofkirchen (Donau) Hauzenberg Haarbach Bad Griesbach im Rottal Fürstenzell Fürstenstein Eging am See Büchlberg Breitenberg (Niederbayern) Beutelsbach Bad Füssing Aldersbach Aidenbach Aicha vorm Wald Österreichmap
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Obernzell is a market in the Lower Bavarian district of Passau and a state-approved resort .


Obernzell is located in the Danube Forest region directly on the Danube . The middle of the Danube forms the border with Upper Austria.

Neighboring communities

In Bavaria (Passau district):

In Upper Austria:

Community structure

The municipality of Obernzell has 21 districts:

There are the districts Ederlsdorf, Kellberg and Obernzell.


Climate diagram
J F. M. A. M. J J A. S. O N D.
Temperature in ° C
Source: DWD, data: 1971–2000
Climate table Obernzell
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature ( ° C ) 0 3 9 14th 19th 22nd 24 23 20th 13 6th 2 O 13
Min. Temperature (° C) −6 −5 −1 3 7th 11 12 12 9 4th 0 −4 O 3.5
Temperature (° C) −3 −1 4th 8.5 13 16.5 18th 17.5 14.5 8.5 3 −1 O 8.3
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Source: DWD, data: 1971–2000


View of Obernzell from the opposite side of the Danube
Epitaph Lukas Kern , master boatman

Until the 19th century

The place, which emerged from a monk's cell, was initially owned by the Lords of Griesbach and since 1217 belonged to the Passau monastery . As Griesbach am niederen Markt or Niedergriesbach in der Zell , it continued to form a unit with Untergriesbach . In 1283 it had a parish and in 1359 it received market rights .

During this time, the processing of clay and graphite became Obernzell's most important economic factor. As early as 1516 the Obernzeller graphite crucible hafnerei had its own guild regulations. Around 1530 the place was named Hafnerzell for the first time after the local potter. The crucibles produced consisted of 50% graphite, 40% clay and 10% quartz. They were mainly used by alchemists, metal foundries and mints. The melting pots made Obernzell so famous that Bernhard Grueber and Adalbert Müller wrote in their book The Bavarian Forest in 1846 :

“Regardless of its small size, Obernzell is better known abroad than some German residential cities. It owes this reputation to the unsurpassable melting pots which are manufactured here and sent halfway around the world. "

Even Joseph Kyselak (* 1798 Vienna , † 1831 ibid), the great migration of 1825 him Hafner cell leads, describes the flourishing trade:

“Opposite the village of Pirwang, the Danube curves in the shape of a moon, and on the left bank one approaches the only important Hafnerzell of its kind. We landed, and I was afraid, because it was a little windy, that I would have to spend the night; but only a few barrels and baskets of the so-called black Passau melting pot (indispensable for melting gold and silver, and therefore seduced from here through half the world) were loaded. These crucibles, for which the peasants dig the mass in their fields themselves and then process it, acquire considerable wealth for the market; also bricks, large slabs, etc. Like. For various fire work, are also ordered and made there. This place is made even more strange by the local porcelain earth, which was used to load a ship for the Vienna factory. "

From the middle of the 17th century the name Obernzell established itself as a place name. The prince-bishop's keeper had his seat in the castle until the secularization . Obernzell was secularized in 1803 with most of the Passau area in favor of Ferdinand of Tuscany and only fell to Bavaria in 1805 . In 1818 the community came into being.

The place suffered great damage from two major fires in the 19th century. The fire on New Year's Eve in 1839 destroyed almost 30 houses. Another fire on May 6, 1862, killed 28 residential buildings and 40 outbuildings.

20th century

It was not until 1940 that the last melting pot factory in Obernzell stopped production.


In 1972 the Kellberg districts Edlhof , Erlau and Holzschleife were incorporated. On July 1, 1972, the previously independent municipality Ederlsdorf was incorporated.

Population development

In the period from 1988 to 2018, the market grew by 317 inhabitants or 9.1% from 3,470 to 3,787.

  • 1961: 3223 inhabitants
  • 1970: 3426 inhabitants
  • 1987: 3425 inhabitants
  • 1991: 3822 inhabitants
  • 1995: 3743 inhabitants
  • 2000: 3790 inhabitants
  • 2005: 3863 inhabitants
  • 2010: 3844 inhabitants
  • 2015: 3795 inhabitants


City council election 2020
(in %)
Allocation of seats for the market council members Obernzell in the 2020 to 2026 electoral period
A total of 16 seats
  • CSU : 6
  • SPD : 4
  • WGE : 3
  • FW : 2
  • EL : 1
The town hall of Obernzell


Ludwig Prügl (CSU) has been the first mayor since May 1, 2020; he was elected on March 15, 2020 with 58.2% of the vote. From May 1, 2008 to the end of April 2020, Josef Würzinger (CSU) was First Mayor. He replaced Manfred Riedl (SPD) and was re-elected for a second term in the Bavarian municipal elections on March 16, 2014 with 90.51%.

Municipal council

In the local elections on March 15, 2020, of the 3,118 residents eligible to vote in the Obernzell market, 2,025 exercised their right to vote, bringing the turnout to 64.95%.

Town twinning

ILE compartment

The community is a member of the “Integrated Rural Development Abteiland” (ILE Abteiland) working group founded by 11 communities in April 2011, whose motto is to preserve and design the natural, cultural and economic area of Abteiland as a livable home.

Culture and sights

Fischer limestone relief by Otto Zirnbauer at the Obernzell pumping station, 1956

Economy and Infrastructure

Economy including agriculture and forestry

In 1998, according to official statistics, there were seven in the field of agriculture and forestry, 1664 in the manufacturing sector and 88 in the trade and transport sector at the place of work. In other economic sectors, 287 people were employed at the place of work subject to social security contributions. There were a total of 1238 employees at the place of residence subject to social security contributions. There was one in the manufacturing sector and five in the construction sector. In addition, in 1999 there were 30 farms with an agriculturally used area of ​​515 ha, of which 268 ha were arable land and 247 ha were permanent green space.

There are three leather companies , of which two manufacturers with their own collections, still two potteries that the tradition of Hafner continue.


Via the B 388 you can reach Passau, 16 km away, and in the opposite direction Wegscheid (16 km) on the border with Upper Austria .

Obernzell has a station on the disused Erlau – Wegscheid railway line , which was used for passenger traffic until 1965 and freight traffic until 2001.

Obernzell is located on the Danube Cycle Route and on the European EuroVelo 6, which runs along six European rivers from the Atlantic to the Black Sea.

Car ferry Obernzell

Car ferry Obernzell

A car ferry connects Obernzell with the opposite (Austrian) bank of the Danube, where the B 130 Nibelungen Straße leads via Engelhartszell (9 km) and Eferding (40 km) to Linz (65 km). The ferry is the only car-compatible Danube crossing between Passau and the Niederranna bridge over the Danube , otherwise there is only the Engelhartszell – Jochenstein pedestrian ferry . The ferry crosses regularly all year round, but only during the day.


In addition to a kindergarten and a primary school, Obernzell also has an adult education center.


Web links

Commons : Obernzell  - Collection of images, videos and audio files

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