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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the municipality of Aying
Map of Germany, position of the municipality of Aying highlighted

Coordinates: 47 ° 58 '  N , 11 ° 47'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Upper Bavaria
County : Munich
Height : 610 m above sea level NHN
Area : 56.54 km 2
Residents: 5420 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 96 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 85653
Primaries : 08095, 08102, 08063, 08093
License plate : M , AIB , WOR
Community key : 09 1 84 137
Community structure: 19 parts of the community
Address of the
municipal administration:
Kirchgasse 4
85653 Aying
Website : www.aying.de
First Mayor : Peter Wagner ( CSU )
Location of the municipality of Aying in the Munich district
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Aying is a municipality and a town in the southeast of the district of Munich in the district of Upper Bavaria , about 25 kilometers southeast of Munich removed. The municipality borders on the three districts of Ebersberg , Miesbach and Rosenheim .


Community structure

There are 19 officially named parts of the municipality (the type of settlement is given in brackets ):

Development of the municipality area

The previous municipalities of Helfendorf and Peiß were merged on May 1, 1978 through the municipal reform to form the municipality of Aying. Six years earlier, the municipality of Helfendorf from the Altlandkreis Bad Aibling was added to the District of Munich . Aying is surrounded by six communities of Brunnthal , Egmating (Ebersberg district), Feldkirchen-Westerham (Rosenheim district), Glonn (Ebersberg district), Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn and Valley (Miesbach district).


Archaeological finds, a Roman fort discovered in 2016 and earth stables in Aying and Peiß prove that there were important Celtic, Roman and medieval settlements in the municipality. According to the only Roman road document “ Itinerarium Antonini ”, the ancient place “Isinisca” in the municipality of Aying lies along the Roman road Via Julia from Augsburg via Kissing , Schöngeising , Gilching and Gauting, which is visible over long stretches . There are numerous finds and traces of settlement from the Latène period , the Roman imperial period and from the early Middle Ages in the entire area from Aying to the neighboring communities in the south and a Roman pillar with exact and appropriate distance information. Another Roman road ran from Castra Regina ( Regensburg ) to Isinisca. In Kleinhelfendorf, the then bishop of Regensburg, Saint Emmeram , is said to have been martyred to death on a journey from Regensburg to Rome in the 7th century . The place name is mentioned in 791 as Eiinga and 857 as Eigingon, follows the common name formation after -ing and means something like "among the people of Eio" (or similar). The Bavarian dukes have been wealthy in the community of Aying since the 8th century . The ducal estate passed to the royal family. A royal court in Helfendorf is already documented in 885 , which had to pay taxes to the chapel administration in Altötting .

The municipality was formed in 1978 as part of the municipal reform by merging the two municipalities of Helfendorf (formerly Bad Aibling district , since 1972 Munich district ) and Peiß (Munich district).

Population development

Between 1988 and 2018 the municipality grew from 3,059 to 5,381 by 2,322 inhabitants or by 75.9%.


The parishes of St. Andreas Aying and St. Emmeram Helfendorf form a Catholic parish association. The seat of the parish association is in Aying, the residence of the pastor in Kleinhelfendorf. Filial community of Helfendorf is Sankt Martin in Grub ( community Valley , district Miesbach ), so the region of Munich of the Catholic episcopal vicar extends beyond the city and district boundaries of Munich.

The Evangelical Lutheran parishioners are looked after by the Kreuz-Christi parish in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn . Protestant services are offered in the senior center of the workers' welfare in Aying.


City council and mayor

The Ayinger parish council consists of twenty members. In the 2020–2026 term of office, the seats are distributed as follows:

Party / group Seats G / V Share of votes
CSU 6th +2 30.1%
SPD 1 ± 0 3.3%
Green 4th +2 22.1%
FWGA * 4th −1 21.8%
PWH ** 5 −1 22.8%

* Free voter community of the community of Aying     ** Non-party voter community Helfendorf

Since 1996 the municipality of Aying has had a full-time First Mayor based on a corresponding resolution by the municipal council. Peter Wagner (CSU) has held this office since May 1, 2020.

coat of arms

Description : The blue coat of arms shows a silver pole in the middle, a golden palm branch at the front and two golden bow-shaped crowns one above the other at the back. The stake symbolizes the straight Roman road that crosses the municipality, the palm branch commemorates the martyrdom of St. Bishop Emmeram (victory of faith over evil), the crowns refer to the royal court in Helfendorf. It is the coat of arms of the old community of Helfendorf.


Aying station



Aying is on the A 8 motorway (exit 96, Hofolding). State road 2078 also leads from Munich to Bad Aibling ("Rosenheimer Landstrasse") through the municipality.

Public transport


The S-Bahn line S 7, which is integrated into the MVV and runs from Kreuzstrasse through downtown Munich to Wolfratshausen , runs through the municipality on the Munich-Giesing – Kreuzstrasse railway line . The stops here are Dürrnhaar, Aying, Peiß and Großhelfendorf. After the city of Munich, the municipality of Aying has the most S-Bahn stops within a municipality in the Munich S-Bahn network.

Bus transport

Two bus routes from DB Oberbayernbus connect Aying with Bad Aibling . The section between Aying and Großhelfendorf is integrated into the MVV.

Established businesses

  • The Aying Brewery was founded in 1878 and today employs 80 people.
  • The Fritzmeier Group has its headquarters in Großhelfendorf.
  • Deep geothermal power plant Dürrnhaar of the Süddeutsche Geothermieprojekte GmbH

Schools, leisure and sports

Educational institutions

  • Kindergarten “Wilde Wiese” in Dürrnhaar
  • Kindergarten “Am Weiher” in Aying
  • “Schulhauszwergal” day nursery in Aying
  • Creche "Linde Nest" in Großhelfendorf
  • Catholic kindergarten "House of the Little Romans" in Großhelfendorf
  • Elementary school of the Aying community in Großhelfendorf

There are no secondary schools in the community itself. In the vicinity of Ayings there are secondary schools in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn and Feldkirchen-Westerham , secondary schools (including in Neubiberg ) and high schools (including in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Ottobrunn and Neubiberg).

Leisure and sports facilities

  • Riding club St. Andreas Großhelfendorf
  • (School) sports facilities in Großhelfendorf
  • Tennis courts in Großhelfendorf
  • Sports facilities of the "SF Aying" association
  • Stock sport facility in Großhelfendorf

With the incorporation of part of the Hofoldinger Forest on January 1, 2011, the area of ​​the municipality increased by 10.0 km².

Culture and sights

Maypole in Aying

The localities of the municipality have largely been able to retain their village character. The brewery , the beer gardens and the Ayinger center with a brewery inn and the tallest maypole in Europe are attractions for tourists from all over the world. The annual festivities in Aying include the brewing worship before the Whitsun holidays, the St. John's fire of the Aying volunteer fire brigade in June and the Bräukirta ( parish fair ) in October with a large beer tent. Not far from the “Hofoldinger Forst” exits, an information board on the Federal Motorway 8 announces the “Aying cultural landscape”. The Roman road “ Via Julia ” leads through the Hofoldinger Forst to the “Römersiedlung” near Peiß and on to Kleinhelfendorf to the Emmeramskapelle , a cycle path with blue signs and information boards.


The Ayinger-Gmoa-Kultur association runs an amateur theater for which Marcus Everding occasionally acts as an author and director.


  • Sixthof in Aying (local history museum)
Parish Church of St. Andreas (Aying)



Regular events

  • Midsummer celebration of the Helfendorfer Trachtenverein d'Goldbergler, always on June 24th
  • Midsummer celebration of the Aying Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Midsummer bonfire of the boys' association Dürrnhaar
  • Village festival in Peiß with St. John's fire, always on the last Sunday in July
  • Emmerani celebration of the Helfendorf volunteer fire brigade, always on September 22nd
  • Emmeramifest (patronage) on Sunday, which is closest to September 22nd, in Kleinhelfendorf
  • Veteran's anniversary of the Aying Veterans and Warriors Association on Whit Monday
  • Veteran's anniversary of the Helfendorf Veterans and Warrior Association on the first Sunday in September
  • Trachtenjahrtag of the Trachtenverein d'Goldbergler Helfendorf on the third Sunday in September
  • Patronage Saint Andreas in Aying (feast day: November 30th)
  • Helfendorfer Christmas market in the "Brunnenhof" (second Advent Saturday and Sunday)
  • Patron saint Nicholas in Peiß (Remembrance Day: December 6th)
  • Halloween party of the boys' association Aying e. V. (1st weekend in November)


  • The Aying Veterans and Warriors Association is the oldest warrior association in Bavaria. The Lamberti Chapel in Aying on the church cemetery is also used as a war memorial chapel. On the back wall is a plaque with a list of names of numerous fallen and deceased from several wars and towns. The first chairman is Josef Bachmair (second mayor of the municipality of Aying).
  • The Helfendorf veterans and warriors' association was founded in 1906. The first chairman is Mayor Hans Eichler (First Mayor of the municipality of Aying).
  • Aying Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • The volunteer fire brigade Helfendorf was founded on August 6, 1874 by 22 men under the direction of the school teacher at the time, Nikolaus Hirn, due to several major fires in the vicinity and recognized on August 8, 1975. Today the registered association consists of over 400 members, the majority of whom are supportive however. Augustin Schmied is the chairman of the association. The technical fire brigade is headed by Hans-Peter Huber and Ralf Boschert.
  • Association "Village life and social issues in the Aying community"
  • Emmeramibruderschaft Helfendorf
  • The boys' association Dürrnhaar was re-established in 1972 and regularly organizes festivals such as the solstice fire or every 5 years a May festival with the erection of a maypole, traditionally by hand.
  • other boys' clubs in Aying and Großhelfendorf
  • The water supply association Helfendorf has existed for over 100 years and deals with the drinking water of the old community of Helfendorf. WVV Helfendorf currently consists of 552 members with 605 delivery points. According to the board of directors, water consumption in 2007 was 152,953 cubic meters. In 2007 Hermann Oswald took over the management of the WVV after Josef Sedlmair from Blindham handed over the position after 26 years on the board.

Hiding money from the Oetker kidnapping

In the municipality of Aying there was also the hiding place in which Dieter Zlof (the kidnapper of Richard Oetker ) had buried the 21 million DM ransom that had been stolen from January 1979 to the end of 1995. It was a 85 centimeter deep, moist hole in a tree-lined clay hollow near the Ayinger district of Rauchberg , which the police discovered there in spring 1997.

Honorary citizen


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Web links

Commons : Aying  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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